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  1. I just can't believe the Costas rant - in the middle of the game no less. His other option would have been real journalism- full of fact. But, why would you want to do that? He has never been held to that standard before. He frequently spouts off at the mouth about things he does not fully understand- that have NOTHING to do with him. It completely ruined the rest of the game- regardless of the outcome. I am getting so tired of this crap.
  2. I am not sure to whom you are commenting. Do you mean Snyder's letter was directed to Native Americans to tell them how they should feel about the "Washington Redskins"? I didn't get that from what I read. He gave his opinion on the subject and let everyone know he is 'listening' to all sides.
  3. Far be it from me to tell any person or group how to feel...but...I am aghast that the Oneidas are still pushing this. They seem to think they are speaking for all Native Americans. I guess someone has to speak up for the Huron, Erie and the Algonquin- especially since the Oneidas themselves, as a member of the Iroquois Confederacy decimated those tribes and others from the face of the earth during the Beaver Wars. If I correctly remember it was over $/fur trade. (If History class served me well- I could be wrong.) They were supposed to have been brutal. Crying "racism" and assuring th
  4. I remember hearing about the packers game... I didn't realize THAT was Oneidas. They have gotten so relentless here. 9 people? hahahahahahahahaha Nothing to see here.
  5. I am from upstate NY. The Oneidas are really pushing this with our local media. I am not sure if anyone has posted this - but they are planning to attend the NFL fall meeting insisting on a name change- tomorrow 10-7-13. They have set up a website, too. Not sure how much attention they are going to draw.....or should draw. I have been boycotting all of their business ventures when I realized they had taken a stand on this. (Gas & Convenience Stores, Casino, concerts, golfing, lodging, camping). On one hand I would like to send them a VERY polite and kindly worded letter letting them know
  6. Hover your cursor around the corners and look for the tiny little "x". Click it. Sometimes on the bottom corners of the ad- sometimes on the top.
  7. Hi HH- the number one caregivers rule is to make time to take care of yourself each day. Its hard to see past it when the poo hits the fan...but, everything works itself out in the long run. Don't be afraid to seek out a local support group in your area....it helps to get stuff off your chest!
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