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  1. It will just extend their subscription longer, so tell your friend to just use it now. I bought a discounted psn subscription, and my psplus won't expire until the end of 2019.
  2. Can you provide a link to this please?
  3. For anyone who's interested. If you haven't picked up Madden 15 yet, you can get Madden 15 for free if you subscribe to Sports Illustrated for 6 months at the cost of $50. (Your choice of PS3, XBOX 360, PS4, XBOX ONE)You save $10 and you get 28 weekly magazines. Link at the bottom. https://subscription.si.com/storefront/subscribe-to-sports-illustrated/site/si-eamadden2015.html?fpa_subch=null&fpa_crid=43223095694&fpa_siteName=cm.si&fpa_dartType=tout&link=1024421&fpa_oc=EA+Madden+15&xid=EA_Madden_15_SI+Textlink&fpa_adid=122452334&fpa_ch=home&fpa_dartPositi
  4. I pre-ordered the white PS4 Bundle that comes with Destiny (on Amazon). Just wondering for those who have more knowledge about the game, is the game worth the hype?
  5. Yeah, the sales rep told me people waited in line since 8pm (when the mall opened) when the store doesn't even open til midnight to purchase the PS4, first come first serve.
  6. Plenty of Xbox One's at almost every Gamestop and Bestbuy I visited today; however, all the PS4s were sold out within 10 minutes according to all the sales rep I spoke with. Sigh.
  7. Is there a live video online to watch the next soccer match?
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