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  1. I just called the TO myself and he said that Upgrades should be finished within a week however he doesn't see any seats available right now for 2 and that I am still showing in my current seats and it may not happen this year. He said there are singles available however.
  2. My tickets still have not disappeard...do you think this means i am not getting an upgrade this year since it is already end of May?
  3. My seats are still showing but my parking disappeared...i got upgraded to the Green B3 so i guess they are changing it now..
  4. I had Gray for 3 years. A friend of mine also received the same email and had Gray 3 years as well. So from 495 South i take Exit 13..then what?
  5. i just received an email saying i have been automatically upgraded to thr Green B3 lot. i didnt request an upgrade from grey either. where is this exactly?
  6. So have they given a drop dead date for a new CBA before the 1st preseason gets cancelled? Excluding the hall of fame game....
  7. Not to be greedy (or maybe i was...) but i called the TO just to see what they would say. I got my upgrade from UL to LL endzone and i asked if there were any other seats available that i might be able to move closer to the sidelines. He looked and said that all he saw were individual seats and that the rest were full. I didn't know if anyone else had called in to check on that. I am happy with my upgrade, but i was just curious....
  8. hopefully i am far enough over so the goal post isn't in my view too badly. Was row 16 too low to the field, or just fine since i am in Row 12, just wondering.
  9. I got an upgrade too...went from UL to Section 112 Row 12. Anyone know if this a decent view??? how many seats are in a row anyway?
  10. Have you checked your acct regarding your seat upgrade yet?
  11. The TO told me several days ago that we would be notified by email to check our accts by end of June.
  12. You would think they would speed it up considering they need to collect payment from people, print tix/mail them etc. Will they automatically charge our credit card on file or give us like 10 days to make the additional payment?
  13. I have been on vacation and finally was able to check my account and i am in UL row 13 and i am getting an upgrade to LL. I called the TO and they wouldn't give me any info, just that we would be notified by email to check our acct for our new seats and this would happen by end of June. Has anyone in UL received their new seat locations yet?
  14. I have UL tix and looking to upgrade to LL, however i have not received a phone call or email yet.
  15. I called yesterday and the person i spoke with said they hadn't started but would be starting in about a week. I also received an email yesterday with an offer to upgrade to 300 level for an "introductory" 2011 price. I haven't called them to ask how much.
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