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  1. Yea, +1 on the Steelers uni's being the ugliest I've seen in a while. Well, right next to the Eagles' yellow/blue jerseys we got to see a couple years ago.
  2. What's the best way to let Bruce know that the majority (so it seems) would like the golds pants to stay?
  3. Yea. I guess Gold pants are the ones gone. We've already seen RG3 in the Burgundy/White combo ( )
  4. Oh I really hope it's the white and not the gold pants that we get rid of
  5. If it starts at 5, I'd say they'll talk about "tradition" and all this other stuff for 15-30 minutes before showing off the uni's. [Not saying tradition and that other stuff isn't important]
  6. Some people are looking forward to the new jerseys they're going to reveal today
  7. The 80th Anniversary logo was already released when they showed off the bus. http://blog.redskins.com/2012/05/06/preview-redskins-80th-anniversary-bus/
  8. I really like the 70th Anniversary uniforms. I'd like those to be worn again
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