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  1. That's who I dealt with LCA77, he was actually helpful, I was surprised by the response I got from him. Probably the first time I've dealt with the ticket office with a positive outcome.
  2. Team most definitely is holding back seats. I have seats in section 140 and had no intention of renewing, mainly because I did not want to stand the entire game and go with my son who is 8 and can't see anything. In the beginning of may I got an email from the VP of the ticket office, saying because of seat location he wanted to know why I was not renewing, I told him why and said if he could move me into to 240,241,242,201,202,203 I would renew my seats. He looked and said he had a pair in row 1 in 239 and pair on aisle in row 2 in 240. So I took the 240 and renewed, i can't attend all of the games but figured I'd never get another chance at those seats. IMHO i think the homeside 200 level are the best seats at fedex. He offered me those seats on May 16, the same day S&S posted his breakdown of available seats, i did not see mention of those being available, I be willing to bet they had some in 241,242,201,202 but keep those for touchdown club.
  3. Just got off phone with ticket office and the AAA fanzone has been dropped with the program being moved to the club level for dream seat and club level holders. They are letting the tailgate club holders keep their seats as general admission, but of course you can upgrade to dream or club to stay part of the pregame festivities. Also dropped a pair of seats in sec 137 and they did not try anything to talk me into keeping them
  4. I got a letter in the mail yesterday telling me my upgrade window starts on may 2nd and ends on may 5th, I have AAA fanzone seats and the letter stated that account holders with AAA fanzone seats are being given "preferred access to select new AAA Ultimate Fan Zone seats from available inventory", and that if you have additional general admission seats those can be upgraded at a later date.
  5. Why don't they sell hotdogs in the stands @ fedex
  6. Locked out as well. Section 125 hoping to get an "upgrade" to the 200 level. Not likely though, I have aisle and only want to move if I stay on the aisle. I am looking forward to sitting down all game though.
  7. I have aisle seats and would like the upgrade but am afraid of the T.O messing it up and me losing my aisle location, you think that's possible?
  8. Got floor seats to Van halen today, should be a great concert except for the fact that i live in the philly area, so except for all the philthy db's there it should be great
  9. Went to the phils game, wow family and fan friendly, totally opposite of a skins game