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  1. I can definitely live with that logo especially since the spear has always been my favorite. Oh and I can't stand white on white.
  2. Ditto!!!!! If I can't have our true colors of burgundy and gold I want the double burgundy!
  3. Well at least Cooley has "golden" hair Sounds like no one knows what we are wearing 2 hours away which tell me we get something of a surprise. That our we will just be the same old white jerseys at home, yawn.
  4. I still blame Norv for wearing white all the time. If TB can wear their colors in that heat we have no excuse.
  5. White on white sucks!!! We are the burgundy and gold for God's sake so wear and be proud of our colors for a change.
  6. CBS? Phil Sims sucks hopefully we can still see it with Dan P and Joey T
  7. My Uncle THANKS YOU!!!!! Yes and so do I!!!
  8. Channelsurfing link does not work. My Uncle in FLA wants to see th game anyone have a link that works?
  9. I will either be home or at a friends. I don't believe it would be a great feed and you could probably do better on the web but we could try it if I am home.
  10. I just found the body and motor but he did the paint job and rims
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