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  1. How do you guys feel about Booker being our starting 4 in the future? I really see him as the type of guy that can get a 6th man of the year award if we can find a stud PF and bring him off the bench. It would do wonders for our second unit.
  2. Nene may lack the freak athleticism that Javale had but he is sooo much better offensively. I am impressed seeing a competent scorer at the center position for once
  3. Agreed. He's a 21 year old PG 14 games into his second season it's crazy how people are so quick to label him a bust
  4. I'm hoping Wall has turned the corner similar to how Rose did his second year. Not many people remember but the first few weeks into the season in his second year analysts were saying Rose had regressed from his rookie year but then of course he turned it on and became an all-star. I think people are just too quick to anoint players busts or stars based on a few good or bad games. Here's to getting win number 3 against the Nuggets Friday!
  5. John Wall is havin himself a nice 1st half. But this should begin to be the norm rather than something to get excited about
  6. Yea that would be amazing. Draft a PF high in the draft and I think we would see Wall improve tremendously running the pick and roll Sloan likes to implement.
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