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  1. What about "Pigskins". - Can keep the colors - Can keep the fightsong - We can still call them the "Skins" (which most of the fanbase does anyway) - Honors history of "hogs" with this franchise. - We could officially have a "hog-pen" or "pig-pen" area in the stands... like Cleveland's "dogpound". I'm also okay with a nickname having to do with the history of DC (like Nationals or Capitals). But it would take a long time before I could get used to saying anything but GO SKINS!
  2. Orakpo never wore the 75th anniversary jersey... and probably never even remembers noticing them on TV considering the Redskins only wore the jersey in 1 game 5 years ago. With the gold helmet and "R" logo, I'm sure that's a "crazy" design to him.
  3. Let me preface this by saying I hate the Steelers. But those throwback Steelers jerseys aren't THAT bad. I mean... it's an alternate jersey to celebrate a time when players wore different styles of jerseys. What should you really expect? You either make a jersey that captures that or you don't. If the Skins wore something similar for a game or two I wouldn't hate it. Now if they choose that for their primary jersey, then I'd be worried.
  4. It makes just as much sense as Nationals or Capitals... or Lakers... or 100 other nicknames for teams. I don't really understand your logic, but whatever.
  5. Obviously Monuments is better than those names (or Washington Metros, etc)... but I wasn't arguing FOR Monuments (although it's better than Wizards), I was pointing out the fact that the nickname would at least, in fact, "make sense." That's all.
  6. That's the exact reason why so many people hate Wizards name as much as they do. It's completely out of left field and has absolutely nothing to do with the city or it's history at all. Now that's true about catchy or fun names... they're better for minor league teams (like the Flying Squirrels.. I've gotten over losing out Ham Bones and am proud of the Squirrels name now).
  7. Well, he should probably google the city... then he'd probably understand how the name Monuments relates and "makes sense." Yes, I've visited Washington DC. I also ate a hog dog for lunch.
  8. Um... you've been to Washington DC, right? Monuments probably isn't the best name they could pick, but it's certainly better than Wizards.
  9. Those new jerseys are so amazing. Definitely something to be proud of. Hell, I might even consider purchasing one of the away jerseys (no awful "Wizards" in the name). Now I can't wait to see the name change. I understand if they want to go back to Bullets... with the history and good will... but if they're changing the name completely, I hope they stick with the DC theme (like Nationals and Capitals).
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