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  1. over the past 10 years i am, but as far as career, there really isnt anybody that could compete with flair.....
  2. maybe back in the day, as for the past 10 years the rock, jericho ,and austin weree better in ring and on the mic than flair
  3. http://www.tmz.com/tmz_main_video?titleid=1482364080 unfortunate incident... but damn its awesome with the undertakers music playing in the background
  4. orton retains, no more boring flair, cm punk will finaly get a decent push......pretty good right there
  5. rvd is twice the performer hardy ever was or will be
  6. and jeff hardys "double wide trailer" was burnt to a crisp, and he lost everything.... things keep getting better for him dont they?
  7. ill work on that.... but im not the only one on here thats coming off like a dick
  8. and i bet youll get the ppv just to watch your boy wont you?
  9. so you have a playboy playmate/model sleeping next to you at night... i find that very hard to believe... it doesnt count if you put a picture of a real woman on a inflateable dolls face....
  10. guess your waiting for the big vis edition of playgirl arent you
  11. kinda hard to do online.. anyone could just do a google search and bring up old info and what not... its more or less something that should be done face to face or something to that effect:D
  12. i bet your gonna cry like a little girl when your boy is gone in 1 month... face it, he needs to go.. that match was anything but entertaining...... also isnt it wooooooo not whooooo? as in who honestly likes that old sack of crap
  13. big show got ****ed up hahahaha nose and grill got jacked up mayweather big show at wrestlemania...you heard it here first
  14. do you feel better after writing that? seriously, i know more than you about wrestling...i never said it was better now than it was then.. I SAID IT WAS MORE ENTERTAINING..... and i stand by that, but i guess as long as you people keep drooling about ric flair and dusty rhodes from 10 years ago in a a company not around anymore, its all just a moot point
  15. and i bet you said holy **** when he did jump off the titantron and did some crazy stuff off of ladders
  16. of course they grew up watching old school wrestling, who didnt grow up watching it? plus the 2 you listed are the 2 biggest brown nosers in the wwe.....YOU LOSE as for mic skills, they do those today, they are called shoot interviews, and the reason they dont speak their mind, is because they are being paid an ass load of money to say what they are told... plus listening to the rock do his thing, dx mock the nation ro the corporation, hell, anything stone cold would pull during his prime was better than anything flair or rhodes ever did....YOU LOSE adn as for the itnernet, yea ill give yu t
  17. what does the e stand for in wwe, someone please tell me, as far as i know it says entertainment, and wrstling is what kurt angle and brock lesnar used to do before they started juicing up....... get over people, "wrestling" now isnt qwhat it used to be, it evolved, and your just gonna have to accept the fact that most of these guys are much more athletic and much mroe entertaining than what you used to watch...... id rather watch any hell in a cell or even one of the many CLASSIC RVD vs Jerry Lynn matches from ecw over any hulk hogan or ric flair match, this isnt 19ought3 any more, the game
  18. sith lord got his panties in a bunch because i said the wrestling now is better than it was then, and i stand by what i said... the matches done now are absolutely insane, and could never be done by the wrestlers of yesterday
  19. and it makes me sick to see you old fans drool over wrestler who could never do what the guys now are doing.. so whats your point..
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