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  1. I am looking to buy some club level seats for Sunday is there any bad seat in the club level any views that are obstructed or anything I should know before buying seats in the club level?
  2. Got a call from the ticket office Said would I be interested in returning as a season ticket holder for next season said had some great lower level seats available along with free parking and a free jersey. Thought it was interesting that he mentioned free parking I had not heard of them offering that before.
  3. I just got a voice mail this year but last year they offered me my old seats
  4. Let go of my season tickets 2 years ago got a call today asking if I would be interested in coming back as a season ticket holder. Second year in a row same call.
  5. If they really care about crowding and flow they should remove the obstructed view seats that the stadium was not designed to handle.
  6. The mods 2 cents will be coming next.
  7. I have to admit I am wavering on renewing or not. Last year I was upgraded to lower level endzone and loved the seats. I would like to keep the seats and hopefully in a few years make it to the lower level sideline. Just don't know if I can justify the cost. Paying full price for 2 preseason games I don't attend and can't sell is the biggest drawback to me. I guess I have until April to decide.
  8. If anyone with Bruce Allen's email could make the suggestion Maybe he could get something like this done.
  9. All these great deals are really making me rethink my season tickets. I got upgraded to 200 level row 2 in the end zone this year and I love the seats but it is hard to justify paying season ticket prices with all these secondary market tickets out there
  10. With our 1st scheduled preseason game 1 month away. Does anyone know when the team mails out our season tickets.
  11. I sure hope this is something we never have in Washington because it will be a cold day before I ever pay Danny boy money for the right to pay for season tickets. It may be the norm in the league today but if it ever happens here I will be watching games on my new home theater.
  12. HaHa can't make the promise. I have never sat in the lower level for a game do you think i will like these seats.
  13. Sorry guys my fat fingers hit the wrong key i meant sec 231. I wish it was 201 lol
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