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  1. Bunch formations stacked over and over with jet sweep motions not fooling anyone. Please get rid of Turner
  2. Turners offense sucks. Passing game features RB instead of WRs. 3rd and 5 has Mckissic running an out and up while Mclaurin is running a 4 yard in.........
  3. LOL ok... If every QB was judged on this basis this early on in their careers, on a team like this...
  4. If Turner could get a little more creative with his play calls, (like not calling a RB screen with 30 secs to go to the half and 1 time out on the 30) I think we’d see a little more. But everyone wanted him to stop the turnovers, go through his reads, take what’s available (checkdowns) and he did all that. Its progress. Not regress. That’s important to see regardless if the jury is still out
  5. but that’s not on him. he’s running the plays called? dafuq
  6. y’all can say what you want but this game is 100% on coaching staff. Poor clock management at end of both halves, awful play calling (not impressed with turner), not ready for fake punt, etc. etc. While he didn’t “WOW”, Haskins didn’t regress. He didn’t turn the ball over. Goal line sack was a huge mistake. We could’ve been in this game with better game management.
  7. Ha its better to just stay away from ES -- it's why we can't have nice things.
  8. Funny how soon as he makes a bad throw, comments are lighting him up. He makes a good throw "that was ok, could've been better". No wonder we build a team, y'all want everything right now. smh. ES "where the sky is always falling"
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