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  1. mAshparie36

    Game Day Thread - Skins vs Putty Cats

    Ha its better to just stay away from ES -- it's why we can't have nice things.
  2. mAshparie36

    Game Day Thread - Skins vs Putty Cats

    Funny how soon as he makes a bad throw, comments are lighting him up. He makes a good throw "that was ok, could've been better". No wonder we build a team, y'all want everything right now. smh. ES "where the sky is always falling"
  3. mAshparie36

    Sean Taylor Tribute Thread

    dude that's your video!?!?! I remember when I first watched it I was like omg this is amazing this guy has like stock practice footage in here, behind the scenes stuff. I liked it so much I freaking downloaded the song from it LOL skindred right??? can't believe whoever took it and put diff music to it. Thanks for posting man I'm gonna watch this 100x now and bookmark it lol.
  4. mAshparie36

    Sean Taylor Tribute Thread

    Glad someone started this as I remember 10 years ago we all essentially vowed "gone but never forgotten" I'll definitely never forget that day. I woke up to the phone call from a friend who was driving into work and I was a bit out of sorts from just waking up but the long pause and the words "we lost him" were clear as ever. I just sank my head deep into my pillow and thought this can't be real. how? why? didn't matter anymore. As I got up and got ready for my day of college, I grabbed my jersey - my first jersey I ever got that wasn't a hand me down or given to me - white ST 21. Through the day I received a wide range of support. Even when I got to work later that day, I took it off and pinned it to the wall for everyone to see. To this day, there's not a game that goes by where I don't think "gosh, what would we be like if he was still around?" a void that has literally not been filled since he passed. I remember watching games thinking when things were going bad, it was slipping away or just we needed a spark - "sean's gonna do it. he'll get a pick or strip - something, he'll change the game" and more often than not, he did. I know for sure, we'll never see this kind of talent again - we'll see close (as we do now even) but never the same. He truly was special. A lot has changed in my life but one thing hasn't..... it still sucks, 10 years later. RIP ST21