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  1. Maybe a gift card to be used for concessions worth 10% of your season tickets? That wouldn't cost them much money at all but I think it would be a nice incentive that would help convince some people to defer. A 20% or 25% card would be even more convincing;)
  2. I've had season tickets for 17 years and I'm leaning towards not renewing them. I totally would have if it wasn't for all the uncertainty in the world. I highly doubt we will have regular games with fans in the fall. If we do though, I'm guessing that there will be a large portion of people that will be hesitant to go around crowds which will lower the demand and prices big time. If there is football this year, I'm guessing tickets are going to be dirt cheap. Even cheaper than previous years if that's possible. My seats are on the lower level 47 yard line and I have over 100,000 rewards yards saved up which I guess I will lose which really sucks but doesn't seem worth the gamble. I talked to my rep the other day about it and she said she was fine if I wanted to wait a couple more weeks and decide which I'm going to do. I wish they would do something like take our credit card info but only charge us if the game gets played. That might convince me to renew.
  3. My season tickets are in section 121 but I only have 2 seats(2 tickets plus parking ~ $3,500). I take the whole family to one game a year so I sold my 2 seats and bought 4 club level tickets off stubhub for Sunday's game. So I'd be curious to know, is this something new? Is this something only in the club level? I really hope they expand on this and make it available other areas as well. It's a really nice idea and doesn't cost them much at all. I would not have bought any food items on Sunday. I would have bought one beer instead of three.
  4. So I was in the club level for the first time this season on Sunday. They had these Gold Members Only areas setup. We could get free popcorn and chips and $6 beer throughout the game. I was thoroughly impressed. This cost them about $1 worth of free food for me, and only marked up my beer 600% instead of the usual 1000%. It still honestly was very cool. I told my wife, "finally, we get some kind of perk for our $3,500 we spend in season tickets". Oh, and even thought they discounted the beer for me, they actually made more money off of me. I usually only buy 1 beer during the game due to the prices, however I bought 3 on Sunday since they were so "cheap". Do they have these areas in other places in the stadium and I just didn't notice? I would like to see them expand this by offering free hot dogs and other food items. However this simple gesture will probably help sway me to renew my tickets yet again next year. I'd really like to see a 30-50% drop in season ticket prices to more align with the secondary market but I know that's not going to happen. At worse, they can give me $3 worth of free food and some discounted beer I suppose.
  5. 200 level rows 4-7 are the best seats in the stadium hands down. You are under cover yet you have an incredible view of the field. Closer to the 50 yard line the better, but anything inside the 20 yard line is awesome. Home side of the field is a bit better because bathroom and concessions will have a bit shorter lines due to less seats, however it's not really that noticeable. Rows 1-3 offer an outstanding view also, but aren't under cover. Rows 8-12 are also great but the further you are back, the more the overhang is visible. Stay away from rows 13 and higher. The overhang is just too annoying at that point. Granted, some seats are decent, but I would rather sit elsewhere if given the choice. I've been to so many games, at this point, I usually try to get club level just to have access to the climate controlled concourse. It also offers a great view of the game play. And the tickets are usually cheaper on stubhub in the club level then they are for the 200 level rows 4-7 on the sidelines. But if it's a rare event you go to the game, you must sit in the 200 level, rows 4-7. Trust me.
  6. Get ready for this. So I am a 15 year season ticket holder. My current seats are in section 121. I have yet to receive my tickets in the mail. I called today to ask when they will be sent. I was informed that because I already sold some games online and transferred the tickets that they weren't allowed to print them. So I said what about the 6 games I didn't sell? They said they would be happy to print them and send them overnight. I said but these won't be the colorful season ticket stock. She said correct. Then I said well what about the nice package with the free goodies? She apologized but said I wouldn't be getting that either. She said I can print my parking passes starting tomorrow and she will overnight me the 6 games on regular box office stock. I told her the reason I pay a premium for season tickets is I enjoy getting that package in late July with all my tickets and I like keeping the stubs as souvenirs. I told her I might as well just save money and buy them on stubhub. I told her that they should have told us this upfront and I would have held off selling the games I can't make. She just apologized again but said there wasn't anything that could be done. I'm done. This is definitely the last year for me. I paid well over $3,000 for tickets and parking and get nothing better than Joe Schmo who bought tickets from stubhub and saved 30% or so probably. This is after they removed my additional standing room seats from my account without them telling me. Had to come on ES to find out they aren't selling SROs to season ticket holders anymore. The biggest thing is I wouldn't have found out about this if I hadn't called them. I feel at the very least they should have shipped me an empty box with the goodies thanking me for my purchase. Bonus would be to include the $500 parking passes and 6 games worth over $1800 that I haven't sold. I really thought I would be a season ticket holder for life. I understand I could save money buying off stubhub. But it was never about that. Well if this is how I am treated then it will just be about the money from now on.
  7. I don't think it is out of the realm of possibility that you can move into the lower level this year. Once your window opens, keep logging in every day to see if something opens up. I remember last year there were a lot of open seats in section 214 even towards the end of the upgrades. You can also upgrade as much as you want(once per day), so if you see something in 450 in a lower row, you can grab them, then keep checking back each day to see if something better opens up. It's hard to say how long it takes to move to a certain spot because it is difficult to predict how well the team will do and how many people renew. I would be shocked if it would take more than 5 years to move down to the lower level no matter how well the team is doing. Also, you don't have to pay in full on March 1st to get the opportunity to upgrade. You just either have to pay in full by April 1, or sign up for the 4 payment plan by March 1st. If I were you, I would still do the payment plan, that way you still get the 6 months to pay, but you only have to pay 25% each month, so starting in September, your first payment would be due if you use the Barclay card.
  8. Yeah, I signed up for one of these cards. I did the 3 payment plan last year, April 1, May 1 and June 1. Since I put the payments on the card they weren't due until October 1, November 1 and December 1. All interest free. I waited until pretty much the last day of each month to pay off the payment but still never paid any interest. The 6 month plan for newbies is no different than the 3 month plan for us. Either way final payment is due June 1. I am sure they will work with you and give you some extra time to pay if come June 1 you are short. The upgrades start in late June I think so that is probably why they want final payment by then so they know for sure who is renewing or not. I think that it would make sense for them to offer a 6 month payment plan to help some people, but maybe they could say that those people wouldn't be eligible for upgrades or maybe have to pay a service charge or something. Just give people a motivation to pay by June 1.
  9. Are you sure they were offering you general admission tickets and not premium/club level tickets? I know when I signed up I would receive a call from them every year offering me season tickets but they were AAA fanzone tickets or club level tickets, then after 3 years of paying ridiculous prices I would be guaranteed general admission tickets. When they finally called me after 7 years of being on the wait list to actually offer me regular general admission tickets I almost blew them off because I thought they were trying to sell me expensive premium tickets again. I'm sure the wait list is much shorter now and probably about 2-3 years at this point but I would be shocked to find out that the wait is less than a year now. It's also possible, that if you had signed up before and just changed some of your info, that they were able to go back and find your original info and update it with the new email address. I had to update my info twice in 7 years while I was on the waitlist. I think I did it at the stadium and not online though.
  10. The upper level endzone seats in the first 7 rows and upper level sideline rows 16 and higher should be $69 each plus 6.90 each tax making them $75.90 each. For me personally I would prefer to sit in the first 7 rows in the endzone versus being up higher on the sideline. Unless I could get row 16 on the 50 yard line. Being a first timer, most likely if you chose sideline you would probably end up in row 25 or so on the goal line.
  11. They do sound like good seats and there probably aren't a whole lot that open up closer to the 50 down that low. How long have you had season tickets and what is your history with upgrades? My understanding is you don't get upgraded every year, but if you don't get upgraded this year, then you have a much better chance of getting upgraded next year.
  12. I was in section 108 for the 2010 season. Got offered the club level offer for 2011 for about 1,000 more a seat. It was about 4,600 total for the two tickets and parking. Got moved down to lower level sideline as promised this year. I requested Redskins sideline, which they gave me, section 104 row 5. They said that if I was willing to do visitor side that I may get a section or two closer to the 50, but I told them I would rather not deal with all the extra fans on that side of the field. It's funny, they sent me two invoices this year, one with my new unassigned lower level seats and one with my previous club level seats, I guess hoping I would like to stay up there. Well, they had the nerve to try to raise the price on my club level seats by about $250 total. I just ignored it, but last week the premium ticket office called me to see if there was anything they could do to keep me in the club level, and I said "Sure, a better price". They offered be about $4000 total for 2 tickets and parking. I declined and said I would consider it in the future, but for now I'm happy with an almost $2000 savings to sit in the lower level sideline. Later that day I got an email notifying me that my assigned seats in the lower level were now updated on my account and log in and see. I also got a letter a couple days later with my new seats listed in it. As of this moment, I am thrilled with my decision of paying the extra 1,000 a seat last year so I could get the sideline seats from now on. Things that would make me regret it in the future would be, 1.) The Redskins decide to have different price levels of tickets in the lower level(right now all seats are $99 +tax) or 2.) The Redskins build a new stadium and to keep my awesome lower level sideline seats I have to pay $20,000 a seat or so for PSL's. That is what happened to a lot of long time season ticket holders of the Jets and Giants and I am sure many other teams with new stadiums with PSL's.
  13. The ticket prices for the "cave" have not changed since they were installed. The obstructed view seats are $290, the limited view seats are $540, and the Terrace view seats are $790, plus taxes of course. As far as I know, they have no automatic upgrade process for the "cave". You can probably call them and request to be moved within the cave, or up price levels in the cave. I also bet you can get full price GA tickets anytime you wanted, you would probably start out high in the upper deck like all the people that are coming off the waiting list though. The $79 seats are a pretty good deal for the location and some of the $540 seats aren't bad at all either. I would rather watch the game in the parking lot or at home on a 13 inch tv before I sat in the $290 seats. They are terrible.
  14. This would be nice. Then I would be able to sell my Regular season tickets at face value and not feel like I'm taking a loss. And adding in the tax to the face value would be nice too. Right now I feel bad asking for that 10% tax. Plus trying to explain to someone that just because the face value is this, doesn't mean they aren't worth more, explaining that I have to buy the preseason games and they are pretty much worthless. It also seems like it would increase revenue a bit. I think they would have more walkups to the preseason games at reduced prices, then they would be able to get more for individual games in the regular season when they sell out.
  15. I believe you get all 10 games right away but if you don't keep paying the installments they will cancel the barcodes on them. I recall this happening last year to someone over in the classifieds section.