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  1. Yeah, I saw that and laughed. Made me mad and I added one more tally to the "reasons to not renew" column. They also made sure to say limit one hat per account. So if you have 4-6 seats, you get ONE hat. I was really hoping the ticket office had improved, but unfortunately not even the slightest. This is infuriating to see this email. And in all honesty, does anyone really want this hat? By the time we get it, most likely we will be out of the playoffs. I'm also not that proud to win the NFC East in 2020 with a whopping 7 wins. I'm glad we did, and it's super cool, just not trying to wear gear
  2. My time slot is Tuesday at 10am, I've been a ST holder since 2003 or so. I went last week. It was fun and really glad I went but leaning towards not going again this year. Just not the same experience without tailgating and 80,000 fans yelling and cheering. Also wasn't the same without playing HTTR when we score. The fact that we only have 2 wins doesn't help either. It's just not worth the money for this type of experience. A really nice gesture would be to offer to let season ticket holders in free to at least 1 game the rest of the year. Tickets would be non-transferable. Especially the one
  3. I was supposed to be able to login at 10am and even got an email right at 10am but I had the same problem. No events available. I checked again at 1030 and 11 but same thing. I just happened to log back in and check one last time and it showed up this time. I bought 2 tickets in section 139 for $109 each. Would have preferred midfield but it's not that big of deal for this game.
  4. With tickets for sale on stubhub there will be 2000 Giants fans there. This sucks. I really wish they prevented resale somehow. That was a reason to go to the game, to watch with 3000 other die hard season ticket holders. I am sure there will be lots of Giants fans there now, especially since they aren't allowing fans in their stadium.
  5. I just got an email that they are allowing fans to the 11/8 Giants game. Selling tickets to season ticket holders based on seniority. My window to buy tickets opens at 10am on Wednesday. Half price concessions except beer. Free parking. Ticket prices $99-$125 and only in the lower bowl. No service charges. All that sounds great. However, they are not allowing tailgaiting. That's just insane to have a football game without tailgaiting lol. I was all about going until I read that. Now I'm on the fence. It definitely won't be like a normal game, and probably not as fun, but I think it could be a
  6. Maybe a gift card to be used for concessions worth 10% of your season tickets? That wouldn't cost them much money at all but I think it would be a nice incentive that would help convince some people to defer. A 20% or 25% card would be even more convincing;)
  7. I've had season tickets for 17 years and I'm leaning towards not renewing them. I totally would have if it wasn't for all the uncertainty in the world. I highly doubt we will have regular games with fans in the fall. If we do though, I'm guessing that there will be a large portion of people that will be hesitant to go around crowds which will lower the demand and prices big time. If there is football this year, I'm guessing tickets are going to be dirt cheap. Even cheaper than previous years if that's possible. My seats are on the lower level 47 yard line and I have over 100,000 rewards yards
  8. My season tickets are in section 121 but I only have 2 seats(2 tickets plus parking ~ $3,500). I take the whole family to one game a year so I sold my 2 seats and bought 4 club level tickets off stubhub for Sunday's game. So I'd be curious to know, is this something new? Is this something only in the club level? I really hope they expand on this and make it available other areas as well. It's a really nice idea and doesn't cost them much at all. I would not have bought any food items on Sunday. I would have bought one beer instead of three.
  9. So I was in the club level for the first time this season on Sunday. They had these Gold Members Only areas setup. We could get free popcorn and chips and $6 beer throughout the game. I was thoroughly impressed. This cost them about $1 worth of free food for me, and only marked up my beer 600% instead of the usual 1000%. It still honestly was very cool. I told my wife, "finally, we get some kind of perk for our $3,500 we spend in season tickets". Oh, and even thought they discounted the beer for me, they actually made more money off of me. I usually only buy 1 beer during the game due to the p
  10. 200 level rows 4-7 are the best seats in the stadium hands down. You are under cover yet you have an incredible view of the field. Closer to the 50 yard line the better, but anything inside the 20 yard line is awesome. Home side of the field is a bit better because bathroom and concessions will have a bit shorter lines due to less seats, however it's not really that noticeable. Rows 1-3 offer an outstanding view also, but aren't under cover. Rows 8-12 are also great but the further you are back, the more the overhang is visible. Stay away from rows 13 and higher. The overhang is just too annoy
  11. Get ready for this. So I am a 15 year season ticket holder. My current seats are in section 121. I have yet to receive my tickets in the mail. I called today to ask when they will be sent. I was informed that because I already sold some games online and transferred the tickets that they weren't allowed to print them. So I said what about the 6 games I didn't sell? They said they would be happy to print them and send them overnight. I said but these won't be the colorful season ticket stock. She said correct. Then I said well what about the nice package with the free goodies? She apologized but
  12. I don't think it is out of the realm of possibility that you can move into the lower level this year. Once your window opens, keep logging in every day to see if something opens up. I remember last year there were a lot of open seats in section 214 even towards the end of the upgrades. You can also upgrade as much as you want(once per day), so if you see something in 450 in a lower row, you can grab them, then keep checking back each day to see if something better opens up. It's hard to say how long it takes to move to a certain spot because it is difficult to predict how well the team will do
  13. Yeah, I signed up for one of these cards. I did the 3 payment plan last year, April 1, May 1 and June 1. Since I put the payments on the card they weren't due until October 1, November 1 and December 1. All interest free. I waited until pretty much the last day of each month to pay off the payment but still never paid any interest. The 6 month plan for newbies is no different than the 3 month plan for us. Either way final payment is due June 1. I am sure they will work with you and give you some extra time to pay if come June 1 you are short. The upgrades start in late June I think so that is
  14. Are you sure they were offering you general admission tickets and not premium/club level tickets? I know when I signed up I would receive a call from them every year offering me season tickets but they were AAA fanzone tickets or club level tickets, then after 3 years of paying ridiculous prices I would be guaranteed general admission tickets. When they finally called me after 7 years of being on the wait list to actually offer me regular general admission tickets I almost blew them off because I thought they were trying to sell me expensive premium tickets again. I'm sure the wait list is mu
  15. The upper level endzone seats in the first 7 rows and upper level sideline rows 16 and higher should be $69 each plus 6.90 each tax making them $75.90 each. For me personally I would prefer to sit in the first 7 rows in the endzone versus being up higher on the sideline. Unless I could get row 16 on the 50 yard line. Being a first timer, most likely if you chose sideline you would probably end up in row 25 or so on the goal line.
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