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  1. Ted is a terrible owner. You will not win in the NBA by exclusively building through the draft, period. Instead of stockpiling "talent", why did we not package all of those picks and bring in a legitimate star like Rudy Gay. This is a star-driven league and you simply will not win by banding together a bunch of good players (Nuggets, Grizzlies). You need to get stars and at all costs!!!
  2. Let me re-phrase, I would take the best all-around player to a position that does not have a potential superstar already occupying it! Irving is nice though and if we were to get the top pick it would be great to tangle that pick as trade bait and get a lot in return for a team desperate for a point guard.
  3. I think Faried will go higher than some would think. Right now he is a top 20 prospect according to Chad Ford and could be a nice player in the front court for us. Some people have gone to the length of saying he is a Dennis Rodman-esque type of player. Obviously, we already have a player that is undersized and plays good hard defense (Booker), but I think Faried is great value for a player at the 19 spot. As for the first pick, no matter what, you take the player who is the best all-around player, and can be a star. I wouldn't go for the player that can fulfill a hole in the front court
  4. Pick Barnes/Williams with first pick. Second pick (#19 from Atlanta) we should pick KENNETH FARIED.
  5. Terrible shot selection. Why does Kirk find it necessary to do everything himself? Guy needs to swing the ball around (especially considering he is PG).
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