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  1. Like I said, the pop up ads are tricky but can be closed.
  2. http://www.vipbox.tv/watch/64680/1/nfl-pre-season---washington-redskins-vs-buffalo-bills-live-stream-online.html Be patient with the tricky pop-up ads, you can close them. :logo:
  3. I'm out on the Spider-Man franchise. I don't know where they lost me, I love Emma Stone, but it just feels played out. Interesting how Batman has avoided this. Its always been the #1 superhero movie franchise. I can't wait for the next 1.
  4. Speaking of ownage, this one is pretty good. Not sure if its a repost or not. This guy gets it good.
  5. I asked a black friend of mine about the "photogenic" picture. He said.... Seriously though, explain the humor in it, you obviously found something funny about that picture, englighten all of us who are too uncultered for your high-brow humor.
  6. It's definately real. I was at the game. I didn't get a look at it from that angle, but they carted him off the field.
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