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  1. you shall all bow down to the Tolerance Police! All must follow what they hold to be true. Harry Reid never attending another Redskins game can only serve to improve the teams on field chances.
  2. I don't know where I stand on this but to echo others sentiments: Don't Congress critters have more pressing matters to deal with at this time ? I would take this more seriously if a huge amount of native Americans were forwarding this issue but I don't see that happening.
  3. so did any of the news outlets give much time to Obama quietly delaying the mandate until 2016 this past week? I don't recall seeing much about it but it seems like it should be a big deal because, well where is the funding going to come from now?
  4. isn't that the truth. I recall debating, somewhat casually on my side, JMS who steadfastly posted that you could add 1) 30 million folks to an entitlement while 2) adding/enhancing to the robust quality of the service AND 3) ALSO make it cost less while doing so. He probably could have had a seat on the Obama team if he wanted to as he would have fit right in w/that logic.
  5. What IS entertaining is how badly all of the Dems look now (though I temper this very much with the fact that most ALL of D.C. seems devoid of actual leaders and we all pay for their lack of cojones). Still, it's great popcorn TV each night and will only get better as the rats continue to scramble.
  6. Not a half bad article. Is Obama more secretive and dirtier than Nixon? Don't we deserve better? The question is, how much dishonesty from a president is tolerable? How can a dishonest president lead a nation? The truth is, if the president were not immune from such things, the American people could file a class-action suit on grounds that they were sold a product under false pretenses. In the private sector, we call that fraud. To sum up, the American people were duped; the administration did not misspeak, as the New York Times editorialized. The administration knowingly misled with a false promise and a deliberate omission. Worse, it did so for your own good because you might be confused by the truth. Call it what you will. Link >>>>
  7. Good piece about Obama's whopper lie and an equally fitting picture at the top: Nice try. Americans don't always pay attention to politics. Who can blame them? And, actually, that's what Obama has successfully counted on, that his live-streamed snippets of falsehoods blared by a largely complicit media would trump critics' negative natterings. But the broken promises, false claims and tortured truths have reached a critical mass now. Bludgeoned by Benghazi, IRS revelations, FBI probes, NSA disclosures, Fast and Furious, Solyndra, Syria's slips and now ObamaCare's sticker shock and outright whoppers, more Americans detect the odor of betrayal, however reluctantly. Gallup reported Tuesday that for the first time Obama's daily job approval sank below 40%. Link to full article>>>>
  8. The fake fainting lady in the Rose Garden speech might be Obama's best work yet. Just hilariously phony.
  9. So Goddell comes out and says it's up to the owner. Snyder won't want to change it because the dude is just a miserly guy and imagine the cost of rebranding a team? This thread should die, just my two cents. Move on with your life already.
  10. It's by no means a new show but Mad Men is intriguing (just started watching it a month ago). Solid acting and decent recreation of the 50s and 60s in all its glory as well as its shortcomings. Enjoyable also if you like the sales world since it focusses on that world as well.
  11. They had a small segment today on ESPN about the Skins and it said we were the first team in the league to feature logos on a team's uniforms (it was the earliest version of the Indian head Icon). Just an FYI that I never knew before...
  12. deejaydana

    The Beer Thread

    I wonder, is the name a Hemingway reference?
  13. deejaydana

    All Things North Korea Thread

    If you want to see a truly terrifying documentary about North Korea and life under the Kim Jong iL regime, I suggest Kimjongilia. I have it TIVO'ed and I've been working my way through it. It's so damned sobering/depressing you'll be hard pressed to get thru it in one single viewing but it's still worth the effort because it lets you know just how cruelly the people of North Korea have been treated for such a long time (and how much some of them risked in getting out of the country).
  14. deejaydana

    The Beer Thread

    Has anyone sampled Sierra Nevada's "Celebration" blend? Saw it in the beer aisle tonight and have never come across this seasonal before. What's the verdict?
  15. deejaydana

    The Beer Thread

    Tried some of the Sierra Nevada 30th Anniversay Imperial Helles Bock this past week. Solid Brew. I'm biased though because I dig almost every beer this company produces. Doing the State of California proud.