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  1. I was wondering the same thing about Redskins Rewards -- seems pretty terrible that the only thing on there is a Koozie. Love the way this team continues to treat the few people like me dumb enough to buy season tix every year, I actually thought the rewards program had been pretty decent since they introduced it, got some cool souvenirs, blankets, scarf, etc out of it and more than anything made us feel valued. Redskins Gold FTW!
  2. I agree it is very strange. I've also never seen pairs on the 50s available before this year (note that they are 100s so neither you nor I would likely want them, I still didn't see much in 200s in 221/222, there were a few but rows 11-13, and NOTHING in 200s on home side so I don't think you would have done better than the seats you got which are awesome). So rest easy and enjoy your seats but I agree the system seems to make very little/no sense. Also notice there is a LOT less activity/interest on this than previous years on this board. Demand sure isn't what it used to be...
  3. ALL, a bunch more seats seem to have been released this morning, including seats on the 50s on the visitor side. Go check for your upgrades.
  4. Row 13 (next to the pillars) on the visitor side is not OV. Row 14 and above are. I didn't search for that old MarkTheHomer thread with everything about FedEx but it had incredible detail on the OV seats. Everything from Row 13 forward should be totally fine for seeing the whole field (yes the overhang will likely obstruct punts in rows 11-13 but that should be about it), though the seat or two right next to the pillars in row 13 only may have some minor obstruction, don't know for sure as I've never sat there). For what it's worth i'm in row 6 of 223 and am fine with the visitor side excep
  5. Easiest thing is to go here: http://redskins.io-media.com/web/index.html Highlight any section and it will show you price per seat excluding tax for the season. You'll see a range for upper endzone and above row 15 sideline of uppers of 690 per seat per season, up to 1390 per seat per season for tickets on the 50 in the 100s (which you almost certainly cannot get anyway with buying touchdown club or maybe tailgate club, I'm not sure what the TO process currently is on those or if they still sell them but that used to be the only way to get into the lower level!). There is no per game
  6. Just logged in, I can only see lower sidelines (the old no-downgrade rule) but can confirm only scattered singles available throughout 100s and 200s on the sidelines, I had no real interest in a seat change but I'm always curious (as stated in a previous post). Does seem to be tighter than last season for whatever reason, like others, I suspect that the new upgrade system has filtered people into those seats who are not inclined to give them up (however I'm sure there are still old timers from time to time who decide it's no longer worth it, but the TO must be filling some of those in throug
  7. No e-mail yet, however I logged into my account out of curiosity and the "upgrade" link is active. When I click it, it tells me my seats are not eligible for upgrade until Thursday, June 9, at 10 AM. I've been a ticket holder since 2005. I almost certainly won't have anything to upgrade to as I'm now in 223 row 6 on the aisle closer to 222, but of course I'm always curious to see what's available when I can login. For what it's worth as a story/strategy for other skins fans, I was able to upgrade last year to 220 rows 10/11 by splitting my 3 seats in the online upgrade process (2 and 1,
  8. I used to sit in Row 3 of 427, seat 10,11,12, which is dead center of that row, and really liked it. Nobody ever asks you to get up in the middle of the game, the caveat is that if you get up and down to get stuff a LOT, you might not like it as it does take longer to get to the bathroom/concessions/etc. But for watching the game, it's great. As for whether you'd rather be in Row 1 (and have nobody in front of you but need to look over the railing) or Row 3 (no obstructions/railing but also nowhere to put your feet up, etc.) that is entirely personal preference. On a separate note, I me
  9. Not because it matters, but SonnyandSam's statement made me do a quick google -- can't see Snyder ever speaking like this but who knows: Most important to Redskins fans is Mr. Cooke's unwavering decision not to charge personal seat licensing fees (PSL's) for the Redskins new stadium. "Yes, I am the owner of the Washington Redskins," Mr. Cooke recently told WJLA-TV sports anchor Rene Knott. "But more important, I am the trustee for the best bloody fans on the face of the earth. I have no right, morally or legally, in my opinion, to move the franchise. Charging those great fans a PSL is som
  10. So, I'm finally moving downstairs -- 218, row 10, 3 seats on the aisle closest to 219 (i.e. closer to the 50). I hate to give up my seats in 427 row 3, but I think this will finally make it worth my while. Has anyone sat in rows 9/10/11 of the 200s on visitor sideline? I can't tell from the virtual view, but I hope the overhang isnt too claustrophobic feeling from row 10. At least I know it won't block the jumbotron, and I'm glad to be on the side of the section closer to 219. I also hope that all the people walking the aisle to/from the cave don't block my view too often during the game,
  11. I think you're in 124, i.e., already on the sideline, yes? You cannot downgrade, so you cannot see the seats in most of the sections he mentioned as they are endzone/corner, not sideline (which is a higher price point). That is why all of your endzone/corners show up as N/A. Plus, DUDE, you're in 124, those are great seats!!
  12. Well, I asked the question last week, so I'll chime in. Got my e-mail. Upgrade window starts Friday, 5/29 at 2 pm. I've been a STH since 2005 (10 years, good grief). Seems fairly consistent with seniority/upgrade windows of others here, which is good to see. Oh, and BTW, this goes to my gmail account and ended up in the "promotions" tab, not the main inbox, so if you're using gmail be sure to check there for your e-mail.
  13. Has anyone heard anything re: seat upgrades? I checked my e-mails and the last two years I got confirmation of the date that I could access the system on May 1 in 2013 and May 7 in 2014 -- usually the upgrade windows had already started by now I think (not for me but for the most senior). WTF is going on at the TO? I'm too lazy, should just call them, but was wondering if anyone here had heard anything....
  14. Just received my tix, always fun. But who is this "Robert Helu Jr." featured on the tix for game 5 (really game 3 against Minny if you don't count pre-season)? I always thought our 4th round pick last year was ROY Helu? Is his real name Robert and he just goes by Roy? Please tell me that's the case, and that they didn't misprint one of our players names (I think it would be kind of hilarious if they did).
  15. Congrats--FWIW (to others), I recieved the same e-mail, and I also have 3 seats, so that may have something to do with it. I had indicated on my preferences NOT to change my seats (which are in 427 row 3, and I wouldn't trade for lowers unless they were between the 20s, because I actually really like the view from these seats). I called the TO and confirmed that they would be putting me in the endzone if I decided to upgrade, so I said no thanks. But I do of course realize that every year I don't move downstairs means that it would be that much harder to get to the sidelines, but with the c
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