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  1. On 10/5/2016 at 11:16 PM, BornaSkinsFan83 said:

    Josh Brown getting just a one game suspension is all the proof you need that **** Goodell is John Mara's ****. It's beyond absurd. 

    Josh Brown admitted to physically and emotionally abusing his wife

    Giants kicker Josh Brown admitted to physically and emotionally abusing his wife and called himself a sex-addicted "deviant" who viewed himself as "God" and his wife as "my slave", according to entries in his own journals, emails to his wife, and a letter he wrote to friends, which were obtained by SNY.

    Those damning confessions came from journals and emails turned over to police by Brown's now ex-wife Molly, after the kicker was arrested in May 2015 and charged with a fourth-degree domestic violence assault, and released on Wednesday by the Kings County (Wash.) Sherriff's Office. The incident led to Brown being suspended for the Giants' season opener as punishment for violating the league's personal conduct policy.

    Brown famously described the incident as "just a moment," even after police documents showed that Molly had accused him of "more than 20" instances of domestic violence. In his emails and journal entries -- part of 165 pages of documents released by the Kings County Sherriff -- he paints an entirely different picture.

    "I have physically, mentally, emotionally and verbally been a repulsive man," Brown wrote in one of his journal entries. Just below that he circled the words "I have abused my wife."

    Josh went even further in a letter he wrote to friends in March, 2014, apparently as part of his counseling sessions with Molly, saying his issues with his behavior towards women date back to when he was "molested as a young boy (around 6)".

    "I have been a liar for most of my life," he wrote. "I made selfish decisions to use and abuse women starting at the age of 7 to fill this void. I objectified women and never really worried about the pain and hurt I caused them. My ability to connect emotionally to other people was zero. My empathy levels were zero.

    "Because I never handled these underlying issues I became an abuser and hurt Molly physically, emotionally and verbally. I viewed myself as God basically and she was my slave."


    Good lord...

  2. 3 hours ago, NoCalMike said:

    In the the latest "What can we do to help the Giants" move, ESPN is reporting that the league office is telling officials to watch for ODB JR's opponents trying to provoke him.  (per ESPN alert)

    Are you kidding me? Look, I totally get that a lot of times the officials flag the player who does the retaliation and the guy who instigates often gets off free, however that is usually when it comes to personal fouls and extra curricular activity after the play(s).  So I would like to get some kind of clarification on what "trying to provoke" means.  The entire narrative that ODB JR is just "trying to go about his HOF career and everyone is being a meanie" is such nonsense. Maybe the guy is just mentally weak, or a typical 23 year old playing with grown men and they have found a weakness they can exploit in him and now the NFL is going to arbitrarily step in and say "nah, ODB Jr needs special treatment" Seriously?

    And this, among other things, is one of the reasons why the Giants will in no way win the division or make the playoffs.

  3. 7 minutes ago, SkinsGuy said:

    Messed that up. :806:

    We only have one loss in the NFC.

    And we are ahead of the Giants either way because we beat them in head-to-head competition this season.

    It's only 4 games into the season...I'm trying to figure out how anyone could forget who we lost to lol...

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  4. 2 hours ago, Xameil said:

    Tied for last place....we both have 2 losses to NFC teams...biggest problem is that the redskins have 2 losses to NFC East teams.

    Let's have a little perspective before we start pounding our chests and laughing at others shall we...

    Good lord, what a failed post lol...

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  5. On September 27, 2016 at 0:29 PM, Destino said:

    Ghostbusters (Girl Power Remake)

    I really wanted to like this movie, and about a third of the way through I did.  After that the many failings common when Hollywood takes something previously successful and tries to make something new, started to show.  This movie would have greatly benefited had it been a sequel instead of a remake.  The first two serving as guides instead of a corpses to pick through for shiny bits before being discarded.

    Ghostbusters was always set in a world that played it straight.  The comedy wasn't slap stick with everyone acting as goofy as possible, it was more subtle and sometimes dark.  The only character that intentionally tried to make people laugh was Venkman.  This movie was more along the lines of a big budget SNL skit in terms of humor.  The cartoonish ghosts didn't help.  Had their only sin been tinkering with the humor, I might not have been so disappointed.  


      Reveal hidden contents

    The plot was turned on its head in the worst possible way.  Instead of Gozer and Vigo reaching into the world and dominating a goofy cat's-paw, Louis Tully and Janosz became the villains themselves.  The angry nerd trope.  Imagine Rick Moranis intentionally turning himself into Gozer because no one came to his party.  That's essentially what they've done here.  Worse yet, the ghost traps themselves are abandoned in this movie.  Two thirds of the way through they create new weapons and these simply kill ghosts.  Kill.  Ghosts.  ...     

    Despite the things I didn't like, the movie did make me laugh several times.  Jones, Wiig, McCarthy, and McKinnon are a great cast.  Other than the legendary Bill Murray I think this cast is easily argued as superior to the original movie.  I wish they have been given a better script.

    Worth watching if you have some free time.  Average movie that provides some laughs.   

    Pretty much agree with all this, especially that outside of Murray, this cast is definitely better/funnier than the original cast. Loved Patty's line about having a cousin Mookie who's only half as dumb as Kevin and will work for Vienna sausages lol...Akroyd and Ramis were never very funny IMO and Hudson seemed more like a token black casting than an actual character (I know the part was originally written for Eddie Murphy, though). 

    Also Sigourney Weaver was horrible in the original...bland as hell, like they neutered her natural charisma based off her intelligence and just had her be the "love interest". Hundreds of other actresses could have played that role and the movie wouldn't have suffered one iota. Glad there wasn't a love story component in the remake.

    Don't really agree about the ghosts, though...I was never impressed with the original ghosts (especially that "slimer" ghost, always looked silly and like a puppet) and not impressed with the new ones, either lol...

  6. On 8/27/2016 at 10:42 AM, Momma There Goes That Man said:

    They have that Pryor kid running around but I'll take our chances on a QB converted WR to save his career going against our secondary  

    I dunno...Pryor is looking as legit as he can during preseasøn, although at the moment he seems more of a one-trick pony. But it's an effective trick...and he was doing it without Coleman or Gordon in the game with him. If Doctson had the same type of preseason Pryor had, we'd all be over the moon.

    Plus they have Barnidge and if Coleman starts to pan out...that could be a very impressive pass catching unit.

  7. 10 hours ago, PokerPacker said:

    Yeah, the main thing, I think, is having his name on the thread.  This one's disguised as a Manziel thread.

    While it may play a role in things, I think the bigger issue is that this time we Redskins fans have someone at QB to replace him who we feel confident in. With Campbell, when we sent him to the Raiders we had an aging McNabb and Rex Grossman taking his place lol...it didn't take long for whatever confidence we had in Campbell's replacement to fizzle out. So the second guessing was right there on the surface ready to be activated by the idea that Campbell could end up having another 20+ TD season while we Skins fans watched McNabb kill worms all season.

  8. 1 hour ago, SkinsGuy said:


    Yes it is sad to see, but we Redskin fans have to let Morris go.

    He's with the enemy now, and we can't distinguish him from that.

    I have a feeling that most of the people that are doing that right now will change their tune when the Redskins and Cowboys meet. 

    Here's what I hope:

    Morris is starting both times the Skins and Cowboys meet up...that would mean they wasted a high draft pick on Elliot lol...

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  9. 21 minutes ago, MisterPinstripe said:

    I think it will take more than a couple preseason games against vanilla defense to tell if Prescott will be good or not.


    MUCH more...no anointing oil needed yet.

    But he does look good so far, dammit lol...:angry:

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