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  1. 5 minutes ago, tshile said:

    As for the rest of us. Just think about this. I believe 500 supposedly verified credit card numbers runs about 50$ on the dark web


    now think about what having your credit card compromised costs you. If you’re lucky it costs you a hassle of canceling a card, identifying a handful of fraudulent transactions, and switching out your autopays 

    if you’re unlucky you find yourself sitting at your table with 6 months of statements spread out, circles and highlighting everywhere, when you finally realize somehow over the course of the last 6 months someone has stollen 15k from you. 

    And your info cost $0.10


    A ****ing dogecoin costs more than that. 

    I use one card online. Have that sucker text me a notification for any charge.  Caught one the other day. InstaCart from California. Locked my card called the company and all is good.  Can’t imagine not getting notifications of purchases. 

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  2. 7 minutes ago, tshile said:

    So we had an internet and the savvy among the tech world created a dark web based on anonymity which has furthers a ton of illegal activity which knows no bounds including child porn, child sex trafficking, and rape videos


    its time for some more savvy people to go the other route and create a secure web


    there is absolutely no reason a business needs “internet access”. No reason why a business can’t be locked down to an only business related web. 

    majority of compromises start with phishing. Majority of the zero day vulnerability require access to wide open internet to even have a chance of being exploited. 

    Put your public facing website on the regular internet on a server. Let customers interact with that. 

    but Debbie in accounting doesn’t need access to the damn internet. They need access to banks and vendors. 

    these phishing links shouldn’t resolve. They shouldn’t load. You shouldn’t be able to accident get there. 

    and while you can say that’s sucks and sounds awful for the day to day work, hey - we’ve tried a lot of things and the one big constant that keeps ruining is is you. You ****ed it up. 

    Wont solve state actors and won’t solve 100% of it but it’ll drastically reduce an incredibly large group of people constantly looking for, finding, selling and using vulnerabilities and access to peoples information. You’ll cut 90% of the r&d effort instantly (I’m sorta just guessing nation states only make up 10% of the activity - it’s a large community, not talking about dollars, talking about quality output)


    I don’t know how you roll that out to the rest of us to protect us, but at least it would get the businesses out of the line of fire. 

    But I need the link to those free ringtones!!! Also I need to find out what my birthdate says about my personality on Facebook.  

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  3. On 4/19/2021 at 4:04 PM, Larry said:

    Which would require creating a database of vaccinations, months after people got vaccinated, without any central records. 

    Sounds like the records are in a database.  Just need a good front end to access them.


    While state and local immunization registries do store individual coronavirus vaccination data, officials said there’s no current system that would allow businesses, schools and other organizations to easily check the databases to see if a visitor was presenting a falsified paper card.”




  4. 13 minutes ago, The Evil Genius said:

    Might have asked this before but I didn't find it the answer...


    I have this that I got in August 2005 and never opened (it was suppose to be a gift). It's been inside and out of sunlight the entire time...still a good drink? Totally clueless about single malt...



    I have no idea if it’s a good drink or not but letting it sit like that did not affect it at all.  Whiskey keeps forever just about. 

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  5. 2 hours ago, NoCalMike said:

    So I was gifted one of the costco brand traeger grills.  I am a total n00b when it comes to pellet smoking/grilling.  Doesn't look too difficult.  I  may give brisket and/or ribs a try this Saturday.  I don't have to do the "before you use it for the time" procedure since it has been used twice by family before they decided this style of smoker was not for them.


    Any experienced pellet smokers in here that could give me some beginner tips/tricks/things to avoid?

    You brave.  Brisket is THE hardest thing to get right on a smoker. 

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  6. 3 hours ago, PokerPacker said:

    Hmm, yeah, I do have a pretty vast collection built up in 5 years.  It may eventually become unmanageable.

    I feel your pain!

    3 hours ago, skinsfan_1215 said:

    I’ve been seeing ads for this. How much does it run? 


    Also how often does VA ABC do barrel picks? First one I remember seeing... 

    VA doesn’t so much do barrel pics as it just calls the distillery and says send me a barrel of XXX. So it can be great or awful, just luck of the draw. 

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  7. 26 minutes ago, Skinsfan1311 said:

    I'm the cheapest ****er on this site...or any other for that matter!  @HOF44 can attest to that.

    In no particular order, Evan Williams Black label or Evan Williams Bottled in Bond, or Old Forester 100, or Old Grand Dad Bottled in Bond, or Old Grand Dad 114, or Four Roses Yellow Label, Fighting ****, Wild Turkey 101 is a good start for middling to cheap.   With the exception of the OGD114, they're all South of $30.00

    This one??   


    No that was picked awhile back. In 3-6 months the one we picked last weekend will be bottled. 

    56 minutes ago, PleaseBlitz said:


    Would he still have that one?  I want that one (now) and the other one (later).  

    There is always inventory held back for the stores.  It’s at a higher price than on Pravs Picks but he wants them available for store walk ins. 

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  8. 24 minutes ago, tshile said:

    Bill gates is not Donald trump. He didn’t inherit his wealth or otherwise flat out luck into it. 

    he’s a brilliant person and he’s done a lot of good as an individual. More than the vast majority of the rest of us ever will. 

    but there is a general misunderstanding of how it all happened. 

    and if you look at many big time tech firms you won’t find the core inventors at the top. You won’t find the brilliance they often get credit for. You’ll find people that were quality leaders, quality opportunists, and people who benefited greatly by where when and to whom they were born.


    much like a quarterback gets way too much credit for the success or lack there of of the team, the public faces of tech companies relied on people below them to make what they reside over. 

    To me recognizing the importance of an invention and foreseeing how that will play out in the future is really the key.  Gates or Jobs were not great inventors but due to the knowledge they had they could pick out great tech and then massage it and move it from the R&D room to the masses.  A brilliance not to be overlooked.  

    17 minutes ago, clietas said:


    True. It just seems like for every Bill Gates or Henry Ford there are far more Trumps or Romneys. People basically born with massive wealth who then exploit the system to gain even more wealth. 

    Yeah if you are born to wealth your main job is not to go broke using any means necessary. 

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  9. 3 minutes ago, tshile said:


    there were other operating systems at the time that were arguably better but lost out due to cutthroat business and marketing practices. 

    and if you’ve follow tech throughout your life that’s a pretty common story for a lot of people that get credit for things they didn’t actually do, and most people don’t really know how it actually happened despite it being publicly available information. 

    He bought MSDOS for 50k. Also Xerox PARC was really the great innovator in desktop computing.  Xerox corporate just had zero idea of what they had in that.  

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  10. So much stuff. Didn’t get pics of everything. This was Sunday night.  Three people. The OGD and GTS were sealed when we started. The Old Fitz was bonded Stitzel-Weller. And dinner. 



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  11. If you can find it Bowman Brothers regular bourbon is decent. I also like Angels Envy bourbon. For the price Woodford Rye is pretty tasty too

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