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  1. Yep - no doubt WR is dramatically improved since last season, but it is by no means a finished product - could use a little help. RB is a question more for many reasons - could be halfway decent or bad - we'll see. A lot of this doesn't matter if the QB play is subpar. I am hopeful that Haskins will be much improved, but nobody really knows how that will unfold. Similar questions exist on the OL & TE needs help (which they could find to a degree via the draft & free agency). All in all certainly no guarantee of a division title or anything close (Redskins fans should not better than making any claims like this). All we have at this time is much more hope than we had during most of last season. I will take at this time, but I am certainly not going to make bold predictions at this time.
  2. Hmmm - you do realize that the guy who just won the SB falls into that category - rt? This also pretty much applied to Pete Carroll when he won the SB. Belichick was a tad bit younger when he won his 1st SB but he pretty much also fits the bill. I just love how you label these type of guys retreads when they are some of the best coaches in the NFL. IMO a retread would be more like a Norv Turner & some others who kept getting head coaching jobs & never truly found success. I think Rivera is closer to the 1st type of coach then in the Turner mold.
  3. dicksogj

    Alex Smith's future with the team....

    Great interview with Smith from ESPN. He just appears to be grateful at this time & taking everything day by day. When he was asked whether he would play again he just said that he was not sure. I truly admire him & want to see him do well in whatever he does, but I just don't see it as being an NFL QB at this time. That might be in his best interest anyhow & he appears to have a very bright future quite possibly in an NFL front office - either with the Skins or some other team.
  4. Hmm - you are one of the few people that appears to be down on the Rivera signing (& that includes fans, fans of other teams, other players,, other coaches & media). I would not label Rivera as simply a retread - he only coached one team & had a fair amt of success. Also - given the makeup of this team - I believe that he is just the type of coach that is needed at this time. IMO a young, inexperienced coach would just be another puppet & also not really prepared to run an organization (& until we see otherwise I am good with this whole coach centric philosophy - certainly better then how it was run in the past w/ Allen). I also don't really see any signs of this being a "win now" type team. Sure Rivera has stated that he wants to start improving rt away, but I don't see them just making moves for the upcoming season - there is plenty of youth on this team & Rivera has shown no indication that he will tear that down in the name of vets. Lastly - what exactly is your pt about Williams? Are you stating that regardless you want them to move on from him? If he has anything left in the tank then he is easily their best O lineman so why not get a few more good years out of him? I am fine whether they keep him or move on from him.
  5. dicksogj

    What Offer Would Change Your Mind on Trading Down???

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1992_NFL_Draft LOL - you aren't kidding! You would have to be a major NFL trivia buff to even recognize a fraction of the names of players in the 1992 draft. Just terrible. Most of the players in the top part of the 1st rd bounced around the NFL & had very uninspiring careers. Heck 5 of the top 12 players in the 1st rd played for the Redskins at some pt in their careers. The Redskins draft that year was awful. Most of us know about Desmond Howard (who won a SB MVP for GB but didn't do much for Skins), but the other picks mainly consisted of guys who you would say "Who?" & most of them were "one & done" players. Oh well - I guess you have periodic drafts like this one.
  6. dicksogj

    What Offer Would Change Your Mind on Trading Down???

    Yep & no doubt he didn't refer to them as the "Redskins" but something like the "Washington Football Team". What a poser.
  7. dicksogj

    Is Dominance Predicated on the EDGE?

    1. Yes but again this is TBD. He needs to improve & mature but I certainly believe he is capable of this role. I am not stating that this will happen & again he is TBD - he could be a very good QB for years to come or a bust. We will get a good read on this early next season. 2. Personally - no - not IMO. I am trying to be real here & not be totally hypothetical. They are getting Burrow - he will be drafted by the Bengals. That only really leaves Tua as someone they would consider. He is huge risk/reward guy. I just believe that people overvalue QB way to much & I am certainly not in favor of constantly drafting QBs high while neglecting other areas of the team. Others may disagree w/ me - oh well. 3. I truly believe that obtaining an elite EDGE player is huge for this team given their issues last season & the switch to Del Rio & the 4-3. Again - if they do nothing more than dramatically improve the front 7 and the pass rush I will be very, very happy. If you were talking about say a pretty good EDGE rusher I may view this differently, but you are talking about a once in a blue moon player which IMO makes this a different conversation. If the new regime is as advertised I have faith that the other areas will be adequately addressed, but everyone needs to understand that this can't all be done in short order. The current mess was 20 years in the making - what would lead anyone to believe that this can all be fixed in one offseason? Peace. Obviously I have now told you several times that this is not my name. Oh well - do whatever you like - you obviously feel the need to argue about everything. NP.
  8. dicksogj

    Is Dominance Predicated on the EDGE?

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Washington_Redskins_draft_history Disagree somewhat about the Redskins draft picks especially for the last 3 drafts. I believe that the Redskins have had pretty decent drafts lately & also you can't truly judge a draft until at least 3 years after the picks are made (some players take longer to develop and/or could be affected by poor coaching). You cited a handful of cases & I would dispute your claim about Scherff - he has been quoted by several sources as stating that he wants to remain on the Skins - a lot of this is posturing for a better contract - happens with all teams. Let's look at each of the past three drafts. 2017 - Allen is solid & might be a real stud w/ the move to Del Rio, R. Anderson appeared to be a bust until the latter half of last season - he might also be a very valuable asset moving fwd. Rouillier may not be spectacular but he has been a decent C. Clemons is decent. Guys like Moreau & Nicholson are somewhat disappointing but have their moments. They may end up as busts but still TBD. All in all not the worst draft in the world & includes some players who should be on the team for a very long time. 2018 - pretty decent draft. Payne could be a monster in this new D. Settle & Dion-Hamilton are solid & also should do better w/ the new setup. Christian & Apke are TBD but have contributed at times & could be real assets. Guice - oh well - just appears to be in the Reed mold & always injured - we will see. A pretty sold draft. 2019 - obviously this is still TBD & depends on the future play of Haskins & Sweat to a large degree. I feel pretty confident that Sweat will thrive in the new defensive setup - we will see. As for Haskins - who knows. We will just have to see over the next season or two. I don't believe that you can make a final judgment on him based on limited play last season (especially since Gruden held him back initially) & he did appear to be making strides at the end of the season. McClaurin was obviously a steal - great pick. Harmon also looks like another steal. Beyond that you have some other guys - B. Love, Moreland, Holcomb, Martin who are TBD. Hard to judge this class until at least one more season, but it looks promising. I agree that in the past the Redskins were terrible in the draft area. They would either trade high picks, make bad picks or eventually get rid of highly drafted players over time. However I think that they have improved dramatically in this area & Kyle Smith has been a huge asset in this regard. We will see whether this translates into success over the next few seasons. LOL - my screen name isn't "dick" & I am pretty sure that you realize that & also realize that name has a certain connotation. Oh well - I guess that this is your attempt at humor - all in good fun.
  9. dicksogj

    Is Dominance Predicated on the EDGE?

    Ok - 1st of all - lol - not sure why you are addressing me by that name. Again - that screenname is based on my last name - I really need to change it. Anyhow - if I am reading your reply correctly - the greatest value on this team is on DL (beyond punter) & I don't believe that it is close. Most other areas involve question marks and/or a real need for improvement. Now this can be viewed somewhat differently with the switch to the 4-3. There isn't a huge need for an edge rusher. However there is a need for improvement in that area given Kerrigan's age & big question marks for other current LBs except perhaps Sweat. Young would be the perfect compliment in this case & he is a generational player. If they do nothing more than dramatically improve the front 7 this season I will consider the new regime a success to a degree. The current D has had some outstanding moments, but they are almost always accompanied by poor moments - they need to be more consistent (& I believe that Del Rio will be a huge help in getting them there). I realize that on D the DBs will still be somewhat of an issue, but there are some things that can be done to improve them this offseason & they can also make it a priority next offseason. Issues in this area can be overcome to a degree by good play up front. I realize that they have lots of issues on offense, but some of these can be addressed elsewhere & again can be resolved next offseason if needed. TE is obviously a problem as is OL to a degree. However I am not in favor of trading down for a bunch of bodies simply in the name of wanting quantity over quality. If we could guarantee that Young will be a perennial all pro yet the other players will be good, occasional pro bowlers I will take Young every day of the week. Sooner or later a championship team has to consist of some elite, standout players & it is not always a QB. Obviously you can't guarantee greatness for either Young or any other highly drafted players who might be involved in a trade down scenario. I also would not draft a QB high in the draft. We have no idea whether Haskins will be a bust or a future pro bowler (anyone who states otherwise is just making it up). Just go with the guy for one more season & take it from there. Anyhow - i don't believe that our takes on this matter anyhow - they will be drafting Young & I am excited about that prospect.
  10. dicksogj

    Is Dominance Predicated on the EDGE?

    If they draft Tua then I will start to think that either they let Bruce Allen back into Redskins Park or Snyder is again calling the shots. Sorry - no way in the world this will or should happen. This is rolling the dice for a position that they quite possibility don't even need. Tua is a question mark at this time & even if he is completely healthy he plays a style that is very susceptible to injury (unless he learns to adjust his style - which I hope he does for his sake). You presented this option as a question mark - that alone should tell you that they should not draft him especially at the # 2 pick (when you have a chance to instead draft a game changer). This also will likely involve not seeing Tua on the field for an entire season - something that won't sit well with many Redskins fans. Again - roll with Haskins thru 2021. If he falls flat there should be lots of other good college QBs in the 2021 draft. All of the issues don't need to be addressed in one offseason. Yep & remember thus far these injuries have been occurring in college. If more injuries occur they will very likely be much more devastating. NFL defenders are much bigger & faster & as the years progress this will be compounded by the injuries Tua has already incurred.
  11. dicksogj

    Is Dominance Predicated on the EDGE?

    I am in no way suggesting that you were down on Chase Young. My pt is that having a player who will demand a huge contract is a good problem to have for the Redskins. Again - this rarely happens for Skins 1st rd picks & is a sign that they have drafted poorly in the past & also ran the team very poorly. Keep in mind that Young's contract won't need to be extended for another 5 yrs (could be sooner if he holds out down the road). At some pt a championship team has to consist of elite players (whether drafted highly or a sleeper who is drafted later). This is often a QB but also includes non-QBs like a defender, O lineman or a skill player. You are not going to build a SB winning team strictly on average or slightly above average players (& you need some high caliber vets at some pt). I don't agree with your Mack example. The Bears are being held back because they drafted the wrong QB - period. If they instead drafted Mahomes I have no doubt that they would be making deep playoff runs for the foreseeable future. Teams can always find a potential high level QB regardless of the salary cap - via the draft (perhaps not for a given season but it won't hold them back for numerous seasons). If a team doesn't have a good QB it is more indicative of a bad organization - not a salary cap issue. Good organizations find a way to win long term - period. BTW - your pt about Mack includes the fact that the Bears traded away a bunch of draft picks. Drafting Young involves no trading of other draft picks & that difference is huge.
  12. dicksogj

    Is Dominance Predicated on the EDGE?

    That would be awesome! This is the type of problem that the Redskins can only dream of having in the future. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Washington_Redskins_first-round_draft_picks Take a look at the Redskins 1st rd draft picks over the past 40 years. Hardly any of them were around for a 2nd contract. Of their 1st rd picks in the relatively recent past I can only recall Kerrigan & Williams signing these type of long term extensions (& hopefully Scherff this offseason if he re-signs). Otherwise it has been a combination of traded picks, busts & players going elsewhere. I would be more than happy if C. Young reaches the pt where the Redskins have to work the salary cap to accommodate his very large salary. That will mean that they got it rt in the 1st place & Young is producing. We will see.
  13. dicksogj

    Welcome to the Redskins Chase Young DE Ohio State

    Good pt. IMO this was a huge problem w/ P. Smith when he was on the Skins. He was not disciplined enough to stay in his lane & stick to his assignment. You could blame a lot of this on coaching. I cannot imagine that Del Rio will allow any player to do this for an extended period of time. Can't wait to see his defense on the field.
  14. To be specific that only happened in that stupid movie Draft Day w/ Kevin Costner. That was one of the lazier attempts at making a football related movie. Keep dreaming. Why can't Redskins fans simply want the team to do things the conventional way & stop dreaming up all of these pie-in-the-sky scenarios. BTW - don't be surprised if things actually happen differently & Tua is drafted a lot later in the 1st rd. We have seen this play out many times in the past w/ sure thing QBs projected to go in the 1st few picks.
  15. When presented like this I don't really have an issue with this approach. The Skins screwed up w/ Cousins since they tagged him freaking twice & then dumped him - if they didn't like him they should have cut ties after the 1st tag. Anyhow - I don't have an issue with moving on from a mediocre QB who hasn't accomplished much like a Stafford. However I would do whatever it takes to keep the next Brady, Brees or Manning & that would include someone like Mahommes (sure they may not perform ideally long term but that is a risk worth taking IMO). Everyone appears to be focused on the sure thing QBs but remember that high picks will also inevitably include QBs who fall short like Trubisky, Mariotta & Winston (& oh yeah RG3). Oh well - interesting topic but no team is ever going to operate in this manner. Also remember that these younger QBs are going to lack the subtle skills that QBs acquire after years of experience as well as the ability to be a better leader (perhaps mainly due to perception). Go back & look at SB winning QBs - very few of them are QBs in their first several years of the NFL.