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  1. dicksogj

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Unlike the offense the defense has moments where they are very good. However they almost always also have lapses where they give up plays or can't make big stops. This is not simply due to the inept offense. Unlike the offense the D does have some talent (not across the bd & in need of improvement but a nucleus of some good players). Perhaps Manusky is doing a bit better, but the results are inconsistent. Hopefully he is out next season. If they were to find decent defensive coaches & pickup a few keep players in the secondary and LB they may be halfway decent. The offense will need considerably more (starting with wholesale O line changes).
  2. dicksogj

    Why are we this bad on the field?

    True & a lot of that goes back to Allen & the FO so you can't have a conversation about this topic without including them as one of the main reasons. Coaching is a mess mainly because Allen/Snyder primarily pick the wrong guys & then treat them badly afterwards. One of the main reasons for poor O line play is because they have been in this ridiculous feud w/ Williams & refuse to trade him for value at this time (granted some of this falls on Williams). Passing is an issue since they have made horrendous long term QB decisions over the last several seasons. More playmakers may be on the team if they didn't trade the farm for RG3, throw tons of $$ at Cousins & then dump him and throw tons of money at game manager A. Smith. Similar issues w/ defense & also the fact that - I guess because of $$ - they inexplicably kept Manusky after they fired Gruden Like with all NFL teams ultimately this falls to the FO so it is kind of pointless to restrict this discussion to the players & attempt to come up with some type of plan to correct this by simply changing out the players (& any plan we suggest will almost certainly not be the plan of Snyder/Allen).
  3. dicksogj

    Why are we this bad on the field?

    You may be correct that perhaps Gruden kind of faked it in regards to how he felt about Haskins. That being the case that makes an even stronger argument for doing things in the traditional sense - hire a GM & give him full control over selecting the next head coach. That would pretty much ensure that they are on the same page or at least constructively discussing their differences of opinion. Oh well - makes too much sense - they will never do things in this fashion & honestly I am starting to think that Allen will never be fired - argh....
  4. dicksogj

    Why are we this bad on the field?

    OK fine - so you are also telling me that they could not work together with Gruden to find their future QB or perhaps get him to get on board with Haskins? I guess you are rt - Skins once again made the correct decision & it has led to the current optimal situation - or is it yet again simply bad luck - the kind of bad luck Allen has had for 10 years and counting. I will take it a step further - it sounds like Allen & Gruden were not on the same page for quite a while - the rt move would have been to fire Gruden at the end of last season - oh well - hindsight is 20/20.
  5. dicksogj

    Why are we this bad on the field?

    Perfect. Not sure exactly what they were thinking just after the draft & in the offseason with an offensive minded coach who is not on board with a guy who you just selected to hopefully be your future franchise QB. Gruden was also a coach who was not on board with your most recent offensive MVP (AP) & appeared to be banking heavily on unreliable, off injured offensive weapons (who have subsequently missed substantial time) - Thompson, Reed & Guice. Well worth the buyout - especially since he was fired anyhow & prior to the season most folks thought he would be fired at some pt in the season. You can call this bad luck - I call it a horrible organization.
  6. dicksogj

    Why are we this bad on the field?

    So Carex - I reread your reply & understand. OK - let's say that the previous seasons were more realistic & this team is just mediocre & not really bad. Great - so this is the MO for several of the Snyder years. Finish around .500 - on the occasional season have a one & done playoff season & then miss the playoffs the following few seasons. Who the hell wants that? The goal should always be to eventually go to & win the SB. Any goal less than this is pretty lame. That doesn't mean that you put all of your chips in for one season, but rather in many cases slowly build for an eventual SB run. The Redskins always seem to take the impatient approach & always misjudge their worth. A team with a long term goal wouldn't do something like tag Cousins twice & then trade for and extend an aging game manager like Alex Smith. That is a move done for a team that a best wants to squeak into the playoffs. They have several other recent moves along these lines (including how they have bungled the Williams situation). The Redskins need to be patient, build the team the correct way & take their lumps just before they potentially can achieve true success (like say the 49ers). I truly believe that this will never occur as long as Bruce Allen is a part of the organization.
  7. dicksogj

    Why are we this bad on the field?

    I didn't say that those previous seasons were false ones. I said that they provided false hope for Snyder/Allen. My pt is that they may need to hit rock bottom to be somewhat realistic about the team & their players. However with these fools even that may not make them come to their senses. Honestly I think that you could easily make a case that Snyder is the only NFL owner who would have put up with Allen this long.
  8. dicksogj

    Why are we this bad on the field?

    Lol - probably true. So they wind up giving Gruden the money anyhow & having Gruden being embarrassed by a horrible start. They also didn't get to even consider Haskins nor play AP (except for Guice injury) since Gruden didn't like either one of them. Brilliant & someone is actually asking why the players perform poorly on the field? LOL.
  9. dicksogj

    Why are we this bad on the field?

    Good pt & this makes me think that it may be better to have a horrible & not mediocre season in 2019. All of those previous mediocre seasons provided false hope for Snyder/Allen & made those clowns believe that they were a player or two away from a championship (laughable). They subsequently made some poor moves & convinced themselves that they could run the FO without a true football GM. IMO the biggest mistake was when they fired Scott M & didn't immediately replace him with a proven NFL GM (or at least try). Even making Doug Williams a true GM & giving him the related power would have been a start (instead of just making him a puppet).
  10. dicksogj

    Why are we this bad on the field?

    Yep & except for in last few weeks IMO this was handled very, very poorly. If Gruden was not on board with Haskins then why in the hell was he brought back as coach? If it was obvious that he a major issue with this then it should have been a no brainer to not bring him back as coach (ditto for Manusky & still scratching my head as to why this guy is still coaching). Beyond that when it was obvious that the Redskins were not making the playoffs (even the biggest homer would have to admit that was after Bears game or Giants at latest) they should have went 100% with Haskins (flaws & all). They delayed this & then even waffled when he initially started. Keenum & McCoy are career backups & serve no value to this team long term - leave them as backups at best. The poor decisions for the QB position have a major effect on the entire offense & team. Good teams would have handled this much better in most cases.
  11. dicksogj

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Lol- I hope that you are not suggesting that this team is really not that bad & it won't take much to get competitive again - that is laughable. In term of only being a year removed from "reaching average levels of competency" - let's review last season till the current time. For starters the 6-3 part of the last season is very misleading. They mainly beat very bad teams (Cards, Giants, Bucs & a poor GB team last year). It was kind of smoke & mirrors - even if they were healthier it is debatable how well they would have done. Since that time let's see what has transpired. Injuries have hurt them, but that is only one part of the story & it now appears that they are at least somewhat responsible for the fact that some of these injuries just linger way too long. They are paying the bulk of their salary cap on players that either don't play or play poorly. A lot this falls on the organization. Ill advised contracts to folks like A. Smith, Norman, Moses & Reed have crippled them. They also don't know when to move on from players who are on the downside of their career (e.g. Reed). We now also hear more & more about how poorly they handle the medical part of the team (Smith, Williams). Even if this is only partially true & there only somewhat to blame this is a real issue that very likely will continue to result in future problems. Since last year they have evolved into one of the worst offenses in NFL history. They has some of these issues last season, but jeez - not scoring a TD in 3 whole games - that is beyond terrible. They had to struggle & get lucky for their only victory over a horrible Dolphins team. They have had even mediocre QB play in only about 2 games this season. They couldn't even unload one of their highest paid defenders for next to nothing since the whole league knows that he sucks. In the midst of this Snyder/Allen are absolutely nowhere to be find. That is one of the more frustrating parts. It makes it appear like they absolutely don't care about fans - only their money. If that is not true then why don't these cowards show their faces in public? I hope that you are not suggesting that fans should not complain about this. Many of us are very passionate & resent the fact that the team is not truly trying to win - only do things their way & prioritize that well above winning. We are allowed to do whatever we like as long as it is legal & be somewhat respectful to other fans & also perhaps many players who are also victims of all of this. I actually believe that you are being a good fan if you are still loyal to the team yet voice your displeasure mainly because you want to see the team eventually do better.
  12. dicksogj

    Dream scenario

    And in desperation Allen names himself the head coach & surprisingly makes 39 year Alex Smith the starting QB.
  13. dicksogj

    Just admit it, you're going to miss them next week

    Lol - yep I can see it now - they draft at #3 or 4 & trade the farm to move up to #1 & draft a QB - maybe not even Tua - ditch Haskins & the new QB has a stellar rookie year, gets hurt & sucks after that. The team struggles along for the next 5 years, fires several coaches yet somehow Allen retains his job. Every town in the DMV says "Thanks but no thanks" to building a new stadium in their area. While all of this happens the culture at Redskins Park remains very good & Allen keeps his job indefinitely.
  14. Also regardless of Williams' title you never see the Redskins actual portray him as the person with final say in personnel moves (like they did with Scott M). It is always very vague & they leave you hanging in terms of whether Williams was the one ultimately responsible for any of these decisions (most folks probably assume that Allen has that role). Just so dysfunctional.
  15. Bragging about his marketing expertise - lol! What marketing expert doesn't address the public or the media if not directly then via his delegate (e.g. Allen). Snyder's personality seems to be more of an engineer than someone with a marketing background. At a minimum he could do these type of softball interviews once a year. Also if he is such a marketing genius then why is the organization so bad at PR? Even during horrible times like now they don't even make a real effort to address the fans & their concerns. I am sorry but having a yearly draft party & using Larry Michael to prop up your team is not nearly enough. They need to at least humor the fans & pretend like they give a crap. Nope - Williams actual position is SR VP of Player Personnel - not GM (& probably very deliberate that he is not an actual GM).