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  1. I really agree with this statement. The NBA is for grown men so if you are not one stay in school or stay overseas until you mature. You can't cry foul when a coach or team treats you like a man and it hurts your feelings. Man up this is a big boys league and you are making top dollar. How many pats on the back do you need?
  2. Just read Otto will not play the rest of the game with a sore hamstring. Seems like that injury is lingering.
  3. Any efficient scorer at the 4 is going to be too expensive for the Wiz in this offseason. There will be no starters acquired in this offseason except for Otto unless some type of trade gets worked out. I doubt any trades happen until closer to the trade deadline. Efficient scorers at the 4 are a premium in this league if you want one you will have to pay a lot of money. A lot of money that the Wiz just don't have right now. That's why Jamison would be a good depth guy to have on the roster. He won't be expensive and he offers skills that the Wiz can use coming off the bench. He wouldn't
  4. If it shapes up that way I will really like this roster going into this season. Jamison isn't what he used to be but he can give you points in spots and get boards. He'll be another good guy to have in the locker room and provide some stability to the PF position until we can find a young big to man the spot. Plus the Wiz can not afford any starter this offseason. So getting good depth will help them make a playoff push.
  5. Monk - Like Destino said PF/C is the hardest position in the NBA to fill by far. My point is EVERY team is trying to bolster those positions. So how do the Wizards compete to get one? The problem in the draft is that when your a team like the Wiz you have to add talent when it presents itself. Think about Portland when they drafted Oden over Durant or when the Pistons drafted Darko over Melo. Look how that turned out. You can't just zone in on one position and forsake getting a game changing talent. I think by trade or next year's free agency is the only possible way the Wiz get
  6. That sounds like every team's plan every offseason. A whole lot easier said then done. I think a trade for a big could/will happen next offseason or at the trade deadline just because there will be teams trying to dump salary because of next year's big free agency class.
  7. My optimism for Rice is that he would be a replacement for Cartier. What more can you expect out of a 2nd round pick these days? If you look at the last 5 years the 2nd round has about 5 starters total. The second round consists of two types of players. The first is seniors who weren't good enough to come out before their senior year. The second is euro players who will probably never come over to the NBA. The second round is equivalent to the last round of the NFL draft. With all that being said I still think Rice was a really good pick because he looks like he'll be a better/younger v
  8. This video game me a pretty good idea of Glen Rice Jr's game. I'm liking the pick a whole lot better now. He'll probably replace Cartier Martin on the roster. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P5E_IpKjowQ Whoops didn't see it already posted above.
  9. Very good post Steve. When I look at Wall, Beal and Porter I can think of a more hardworking, proffesional trio of young players. All that want to win and play the game the right way. All of them are unselfish and are willing teammates. You combine that with the great locker room guys like Webster, Okafur and Nene you have a HUGE turnaround in culture from the Arenas, Blatche, Young and McGee days. If this team makes the playoffs next year I guarantee a big free agent signing next offseason because players will WANT to play here in DC.
  10. Makes perfect sense to me, and just to elaborate look at the team we had back in 1999. That team had Webber and Howard and if we'd have played it right - either by keeping them or finding a more legit trade - we could have actually been a part of building a franchise. That's the thing about having a legit team. Atlanta can have trade talks with other teams because they have something to start with. When your team is filled with D-Leaguer's, you don't get many trade opportunities because nobody wants them (Hint: that's why they were D-Leaguer's). Look at the Denver Nuggets and how they got rid
  11. Makes perfect sense to me. I agree completely. I just hate the losing, so I can deal with with being bumped out of the 1st and 2nd round of the playoffs. That's not purgatory for me. THIS is purgatory! I'm barely audible when I tell people I am a Wizards fan. I would love to have the problem where just getting to the playoffs was old to me. Those are my type of problems.
  12. Agree with the first part of your post. Been saying that we need someone to contribute right away. Back when we took Kwame Brown, it was a weak draft, but Battier would have been my pick. Even though he wasn't the "Superstar" guy you need, he was well rounded and solid. Same for this draft. Take what will help the team. Disagree with your 2nd paragraph. I lived the 80s. A virtual 41-41 team year in and year out with no chance to advance in the playoffs. That is just as bad as not making the playoffs year after year. Look at the Capitals. Fans are already numb when it comes to the
  13. Amen. People that knock the Hawks and Bucks about just being low playoff seeds year after year kill me. I'd take that 10 times out of 10 over what we've been going through. I'm a lot more tired of being irrelevant than being mediocre. I'd love to be mediocre team atleast there is hope in that. Atleast tease me that the team has a chance.
  14. I completely understand. The good news is that EG isn't all bad. He's made some mistakes but I think adding Wall, Beal, Webster, Ariza, Okafur and Nene to the roster were all good moves and they seem to play well together. If he hits on this trade pick then this team has a chance to be in the playoffs.
  15. I get it I'm not high on EG either but I'm only going to beat him up over the bad decision he does make and not rumors. It just doesn't make sense to get all worked up and mad at EG for a bad deal he never even considered or executed. That's why I said "if". If he's allowed to make the trade then I'm done because it proves that there is simply no hope left. It's like going back to the same female who cheats on you over and over again hoping things will be different this time around. At some point you've just got to throw in the towel. Right but at the point you first made that statement
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