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    6 hours ago, Renegade7 said:

    Bernie starting to take over polls in NH, media reluctant to post polls with him in national tie or lead with Biden right now.  I dont believe its forgone conclusion that even if Biden limps over finish line in Iowa that hes the favorite for the nomination.  Hillary going after Bernie has clearly backfired on moderates, not helped them.

    Except Hillary didn't 'go after' Bernie, she answered questions about him and something she had said a ways back and responded to the current controversy between him and other candidates.  And I wouldn't make any assumptions about polling so quickly.

  2. Oh...good.   




    On July 31, two days before Brantly was due to be evacuated (and almost a year before Trump began his campaign by descending down a gold escalator), Trump tweeted, “Ebola patient will be brought to the U.S. in a few days—now I know for sure that our leaders are incompetent. KEEP THEM OUT OF HERE!”


    A day later he added, “Stop the EBOLA patients from entering the U.S. Treat them, at the highest level, over there. THE UNITED STATES HAS ENOUGH PROBLEMS!” And later that evening, “The U.S. cannot allow EBOLA infected people back. People that go to far away places to help out are great—but must suffer the consequences!”


    The next day: “The fact that we are taking the Ebola patients, while others from the area are fleeing to the United States, is absolutely CRAZY—Stupid pols.” And also: “The U.S. must immediately stop all flights from EBOLA infected countries or the plague will start and spread inside our ‘borders.’ Act fast!”