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    7 hours ago, TheGreatBuzz said:


    And that's what I've been wanting.  It would be easier to get a lot of information out through an inquiry.

    I would agree...but it's hard to tell especially if Trump does something really distracting or there's some infighting or celebrity news the media would rather focus on.

  2. 49 minutes ago, tshile said:

    I’ve been saying this for months... most here reject it. 


    They think its a time to push their progressive policies. 


    I think that’s a mistake. 

    I'm not sure there's any stopping that at least in the primary.  It isn't just here.  But a lot of the policies are very popular and not just on the left.  Depends on the messenger though.



    35 minutes ago, AsburySkinsFan said:

    I get it.

    When I think about pulling the lever for Bernie I get ill. Stop counting my damn money old man! Just ****ing give me the freedom of life, liberty, and happiness, while keeping a regulatory eye on those ****ing assholes who would kill maim and destroy everything to make a dollar. Let's have real controls on medical prices and not just discussions about how to pay for massively high medical care. Be pro-business without trying to **** the employees.

    I'm not really a fan of Biden or Bernie for different reasons, but I think the only one I might not vote for is Gabbard. (also including her in the cabinet or administration would be pretty worrying for me, unless it's something relating to veterans maybe)

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