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  1. He seems to be a pretty legit head coach. Remember the leaks to the media that Kyle was a spoiled brat?
  2. The ongoing part scares me. It seems we have heard that narrative in the past...Spurrier was promised a GM, Shanny was going to get the father/son duo from the Broncos...I'm sure I'm missing something else. I can only imagine Agent Frank is getting this stuff in writing before making the plunge.
  3. Bruce Allen was miserable at his job in DC and Tampa. He has a horrible league reputation and my opinion is the guy is a scum bag (see various media hit jobs, etc.). A few hits on draft picks don't change that and the idea that he was just running harvest fest and picking uniforms while Shanny and Scott were here is comical. Bottom line the guy's track is lousy and I'll pretty confident no other team is going to touch him.
  4. I barely care about the team anymore so I guess I'm very close to that line. I think the main reasons I still check in is to keep tabs on the soap opera.
  5. No one has caused more damage to this franchise than Snyder. Anything that keeps the sunshine on the front office is fine by me...It's the incompetence of RG3's dancing bowling buddy that has killed ticket sales and caused FedEx field to be a home game for every visiting team. If that makes me a lesser fan than those that shill for the front office, then so be it. I've got Trent's back.
  6. I love anyone that wages war with Bruce & Dan at this point, which includes Trent. Nothing but love to TW.
  7. I expect the team will be selecting a coach from C. We heard Shanny had total control but that really wasn't the case. Marty had it but only lasted a year. I don't see Dan or Bruce going that route.
  8. I remember Marty used to really emphasize "DAN" each time he spoke of the owner
  9. I agree 100%. Anyone that acts as shill for Snyder is complicit in this debacle and, as far as I'm concerned, does not care about the franchise if it competes with their spot on the yacht. Anyone who spouts the "he wants to win so badly" line is a moron and/or a promoter and just needs to shut up. SVP outlined the sorry state of the franchise last night and took to task the absurd claim by Allen that the culture is "damn good." Someone in the national media needs to lay out how the Skins go about their business. I have no issues dismissing Gruden but it is all kinds of sleazy to leak the video
  10. I've long wondered if Snyder sees things like SVP's 1Big Thing or some of the stuff written in the Post. He has to have some level of access since he once filed suit against a publication for a picture of him having devil horns. How you can stay the course in the face of all this is astounding.
  11. I have no doubt that you are on the mark with this...but kind of flies in the face of the constant stuff that Dan just wants to win so bad. Thankfully I wised up to that farce a long time ago and am simply indifferent to the team these days. Not so long ago I had the passion for the team as much as anyone but now I check in on the soap opera here and there and then check back out when I see its the same ole stuff. The game day experience at FedEx Field confirms that I am not alone in my sentiment.
  12. Who gives a **** about a stadium if they fan base is destroyed in the process? I've watched one game this season because I reached the point where I just don't care. I sure as heck won't be running to watch crappy football just because its in a new building.
  13. Do we have any idea what the schedule is? The reporters attempted to ask Bruce something akin to that yesterday but got jibberish from Bruce.
  14. The easy answer was that Bruce was doing what he does best...lying.
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