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  1. If you’re a Doctor Who fan; it’s be made official. Current Doctor, Jodi Whittaker and show runner- Chris Chibnall are leaving in 22. There will be a 6 episode Series 13 to air later this year and then 3 specials to air in 22.
  2. Bucs have a good shot at repeating. Saints swept them last year; not this year.
  3. There will be no bipartisan infrastructure deal. Even if the Senate votes for one; the house will not vote for what the Senate passes and will make changes which the Senate will reject in conference. I am still very doubtful the Senate passes anything; when it comes to vote. Their master already told them to reject the deal and they will honor their master’s wishes.
  4. If Green Bay let’s him leave in 22; I wouldn’t trade for the prima Donna. I don’t see him meshing with Ron. I also don’t see Watson here because of the character issues.
  5. Dusty apparently died in his sleep.
  6. There was no riot. It was terrorist attack; aided by gop members, to keep Trump in power.
  7. Yep and they should be called wha they are. Trump-GOP Terrorists.
  8. Ron might be gone by then. Dan would pick Chase over Ron and by then the old Dan could be back. This. If it impacts the team negatively; then it will impact the locker room.
  9. There's already thread. What you fed to do is keep politics and even personal opinions on vaccine; elsewhere. The reason we are discussing this; the NFL set different rules for vaccinated and unvaccinated players. Also, we saw the havoc Covid caused last year and the nfl doesn't want that this year. So, if unvaccinated players causes a Covid disruption; the NFL has put consequences for that. So, that's why we are discussing that here. We have a high amount of unvaccinated players and that could impact the team negavitely this year.
  10. If the unvaccinated causes us to lose games or results in us having to forfeit; not going to care about that player.
  11. Bull. She realized that she wouldn't be able to give it her all and might hurt the team; if she continued and did the right thing by pulling out.
  12. Democrats have a massive opportunity with Capitol riot committee: Shove it down the GOP's throat
  13. Depending how 21 plays out; 22 will see another QB shake up. You could see changes at QB in: NY Giants, Philly, Washington, Green Bay, Carolina, New Orleans, Denver, Las Vegas, Houston, Pittsburgh-Ben retiring, Miami. Watson and Rodgers probably will be the top vets available.
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