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  1. If midterms follows historical paterns; the Dems will suffer major losses in 22. Considering how close things are now; those losses would mean the Trump party regains control. So, the Dems probably have only 2 years to enact their agenda. So, whatever they need to do; to get their agenda passed, do it. While getting rid of the filibuster is ideal; they don't have the votes to do that. Why can't they change the threshold to end the filibuster. It's 60 now, lower it. You would want to lower it to 50 ideally, but that won't happen. So, why not tie the threshold to the numb
  2. Then make the move. You are still posting about a team that is owned by an owner you despise; an owner that despite all the despicable things about him, will not be removed as owner or forced to sell. You will feel better. Make the move and forget about this team and it's owner.
  3. That doesn’t mean anything. We didn’t move Trent because Bruce and Dan wanted to stick it to Trent. If Watson hadn’t signed that extension last year; Houston probably would be more flexible. Houston doesn’t care about the bounty they could get; they don’t want to move him. They are willing to play hardball; they same way Dan & Bruce did in 2019 with Trent. It’s irrational but Houston wouldn’t be in this situation; if they were rational. If a Watson trade does happen, I don’t think it means that team necessarily wins right away. Unless you’re a team that’
  4. 2022. They are going to play hardball. The only way that changes and they trade him in 21, is if the owner has a change of heart. I don't think that will happen. Cal's svengali, Jack Easterby; will tell him to play hardball.
  5. Dan will be owning the team, for the rest of our lives. If we have any success, it will be in spite of Dan.
  6. Thanks for playoff run. I wish you would retire because you could injure yourself even more and have a life of misery. Your body just can no longer handle the rigors of football. You will find that no team will give you a starting job. A backup job, maybe. Probably, to mentor a young QB. A team just can't rely on you to be able to play.
  7. It's time for AOC to move on. Challenge Shumur for Senator or Cuomo for governor. Then she run for president in 28 or 32.
  8. I think Dwayne earned his demotion and then eventual release. While we didn’t get anything for him; the Steelers decided to take a flyer on him.
  9. FMIA: New Insight On NFL’s 17-Game Schedule In the Latest installment of PFT's Peter King FMIA; he spells out how the 17 game schedule will work out and how will they will handle the rotations of 9th home game.
  10. Haskins was Snyder's pet pick and whoever he was going to hire; would have to at least give Haskins a shot. You don't think QB position was one of the things he and Rivera talked about. Dan wouldn't hire a coach; who wouldn't at least give Haskins a shot. Ron gave him a shot and Haskins sunk to the occasion. Maybe sitting behind Ben and Mason in Pittsburgh; will wake Haskins up. This team overdrafted him because the owner had a hard-on for him. The Haskins mistake is over and done with. Rivera knows his success lies with a QB and I'm sure he will find that long term QB eit
  11. Past history with Dan. There will be a point in the Rivera era; if he's not winning that he will be let go. If ownership changes and Rivera isn't winning, then he will be let go. That is something that will never change. You continually lose; you get fired eventually. If Rivera era ends up with mostly losing; then he's gone.
  12. Uh, the owner can hold him accountable. If he isn’t winning; Ron and gm posse will be given the boot. Whoever that owner is.
  13. Just watched Tom & Jerry on HBOMAX. A decent debut for their first movie. I’ll give a solid B-. Just watched Tom & Jerry on HBOMAX. A decent debut for their first movie. I’ll give a solid B-.
  14. I'll be shocked if they force him out because, it will invite scrutiny on themselves. While they may not be as sleazy as Dan; I think many of them have shady skeletons, if you dig deep. Remember, for many of them; the NFL is just a toy they own. I think they only way they can really force Dan out is if he's criminally charged and it doesn't seem like that's happening. So, you will get a fine, suspension and maybe loss of draft picks/cap space.
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