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  1. The virus is only going to affect Trump in 2 ways: The U.S. economy tumbles into a recession; which harms his re-election chances. Even Bernie would have a shot then. The coronavirus starts killing people in GOP areas; which will hurt his re-election since many of his voters would die off. Also, you can’t have the virus affecting your voters. Trump really won’t care if the virus impacts Dem areas. He would look at that as helping him.
  2. Looks like Dems will try to stop Bernie from being the nominee. Democratic Leaders Willing to Risk Party Damage to Stop Bernie Sanders >>>House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senator Chuck Schumer, the minority leader, hear constant warnings from allies about congressional losses in November if the party nominates Bernie Sanders for president. Democratic House members share their Sanders fears on text-messaging chains. Bill Clinton, in calls with old friends, vents about the party getting wiped out in the general election................. <<< I think it would be fatal for the Democratic party to deny Bernie the nomination if he's the delegate leader; especially if he has an overwhelming lead over his next closet opponent. Denying him the nomination would split the party and essentially end the Democratic party as a viable opposition to the Trump party. Trump winning reelection is most likely. Trump winning in a landslide either because what many are saying about Bernie losing in landslide comes true or the Dems are split because they deny Bernie the nomination; is horrifying. It's horrifying because landslide Trump reelection would most likely sweep the GOP back into the House and give the GOP a bigger Senate lead. Trump & GOP would then be under the false impression that America overwhelming support their agenda and will finish what they started in Trump's first term. It's a false impression because either Bernie is just not a candidate who can win national election as many of us believe or the Dems deny Bernie the nomination and split the party. I have a serious questions to the Bernie supporters here. If Bernie is the delegate leader going into the convention & the Democrats deny him the nomination: 1. How will you feel? 2. Would you still vote for the Dem nominee? 3. Would you vote third party or sit out the election? 4. Would you vote against Democrats wherever possible? 5. Would you urge Bernie to run as a third party/independent candidate? Would that even possible at such a late date- to get him on enough ballots to get 270 votes? 6. Would you urge people to run against the Dems?
  3. Rdskns2000

    The Outer Space Thread

    New 'mini-moon' orbiting Earth — for now, astronomers say
  4. Bernie isn’t winning any Southern state in the general election.
  5. Anyone look at comments on social media from the Trumpsters? If this explodes here, I won't be shedding a tear if a bunch of Trumpsters get the virus and die.
  6. Saw a Pete Buttigieg ad. Guess he had some money. Too bad he will be dropping out on Wednesday.
  7. Disney out of caution told those employees who came back Italy to home. Good move. Supposedly, Trump may announce a Coronavirus Czar tonight.
  8. Rdskns2000

    Trump and his cabinet/buffoonery- Get your bunkers ready!

    Wrong thread for that Biden endorsement.
  9. I heard on the radio that apparently a couple of Disney employees returned from Italy with the coronavirus. Trump is giving a news conference at 6 on the virus.
  10. Also, when it comes here they are the ones more likely to die from it than the younger folks.
  11. We have a president who fired the people who handle these things 2 years ago. Now, he set up task force made up of cronies. I don't trust the Trump administration to prepare for this, if the outbreak comes here. It's inevitable that it will eventually. We live in a world with international trade and travel. You are bound to have more cases here as this plays out. As for the stock market fears part of that is based the fact many business use China as their supply chain. With China under quarantine, it's affecting those business getting their products here. So, the stock market slide isn't just because of fear of the coronavirus but the economic impact from the virus. Even Trump is worried that could affect the economy and his reelection.
  12. The winner was Bernie Sanders. No, he didn't have a good debate but the others aren't dropping out; so Bernie will win the the overwhelming amount of delegates. His base of supporters is big enough to propel him to the nomination. Mike did better than last week but he still wasn't that great. I hope he loses big next week and drops out. I am tired of every commercial break having a Bloomberg ad. Joe had one his better performances. Maybe he gets that black support up again, he really needs a big win in SC or it's over for him. Pete had an okay night. Too bad he isn't resonating with minority voters, otherwise he would be cruising to the nomination. Elizabeth was her usual self. Doubtful it will help her. Amy was barely there. It's over for you Amy, drop out. Tom was pathetic tonight.
  13. Steyer is taking black votes from him in South Carolna that's why.
  14. We had that last time. OK Hillary was a Faux New Yorker but she made her political career in New York. CBS is doing a horrible job moderating this debate.
  15. If you have SirriusXM, you can listen to it on Channel 124. I listened to the first 40 minutes driving home from Orlando. Feisty debate. After a pitstop, I am home now and can watch the rest on TV.