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  1. Going to have to get a new Quake as the actress is one of the powerpuff girls, on the cw show.
  2. The schedule release will now always be after the draft. The nfl ever expanding the key offseason moments: March - Free Agency Late April/Early May - Draft May- Schedule release This will give the nfl another key off-season date; later in the offseason. Also, the nfl can factor which draft picks they may want to highlight.
  3. I saw in the theater yesterday. Good revenge flick. I’ll give the movie a solid B.
  4. Eating at Waffle House for dinner and they blocked off half the restaurant. Only one waitress and one cook. It probably is time to end benefits.
  5. They have a shot at the Senate. Map favors them and they are more open seats, with many Gop senators retiring. So, they have a chance at winning a couple of more Seats. Of course, 2020 was favorable also and we saw how that went.
  6. **** prima donna Rodgers. Ooh, the team didn't draft a WR but drafted a potential successor to you. Oooh, they cut a 3rd receiver after you gave him a glowing endorsement. Your one legit gripe; your head coach took away a potential victory and superbowl birth from your hands. The team went 13-3 last 2 years and made it to championship game. I think there are plenty QBs that would take the last 2 years in Green Bay. Green Bay should play hardball. If he wants to retire; then retire. GB can trade for Dalton, Garrapolo, Foles. Newton if needed. I wouldn't trade him and
  7. Bull. If it’s Cheeto Jesus on the ballot vs any Dem in 24; she will vote Cheeto. Hell, the soon to be ousted Cheney will too. The gop isn’t changing; they will ride the Trump train until they get wiped out. Thing is; it might be another decade before they are wiped out. 2022 will be great for the Trump party. Just redistrcting alone should give them House. They will win back some of those governorships they lost in 18 and do good in state races. Only bright spot might be Georgia and the Senate for the Dems.
  8. We are about 5-6 weeks away from when some school districts are scheduled to reopen. How do they reopen in a pandemic? Will parents be willing to take the risk with their kids? Online learning isn’t really working well. Maybe you have a staggered schedule to reduce the amount of kids in school at one time. This can also be any level really. From Preschool to High School. Even reopening college can be discussed.
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