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  1. https://video-mia3-1.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t42.4659-2/47595690_1958552387568599_3576103402599350272_n.mp4?_nc_cat=1&_nc_ht=video-mia3-1.xx&oh=50c4d0dd10a9186ed88e2c7a06337a7d&oe=5C196EA0
  2. Actress, director Penny Marshall dead at 75 RIP Penny Loved the movies she directed and of course, her role as Laverne on "Laverne and Shirley".
  3. Rdskns2000

    The Official "Marvel" Thread (Movies,Comics etc)

    There maybe hope for those cancelled Marvel Netflix shows after all. Daredevil and Marvel's other axed Netflix shows could be revived on Disney streaming service
  4. Rdskns2000

    Retain Jay For 2019?

    The Redskins aren't doing anything for 3 or 4 years. It maybe 2021 or 2022 before the team posts a winning season again.
  5. Rdskns2000

    The Race to Black Monday 2018: 12/31/18

    That was based on his one year with the Raiders and his OC years in Cincy. He still could be a coach next year.
  6. Rdskns2000

    Retain Jay For 2019?

    Did this really need to be another thread? The answer for is no but we know he will be retained. Hell, Bruce may extend his contract.
  7. You don't need a bigger sample size to know what you are going to get with Jay. Jay can coach here another 5 years and you will probably have the same result you did in his first 5. Jay has a ceiling and that's where he will hoover around. Maybe a little luck and he breaks the 10 win plateau one year, the next year he will slip back to a sub. 500. Jay and Bruce are coming back, they excuse is already built in. Bruce and Jay are going to approach 2019 as if the Skins would've been a 2018 playoff team, if it weren't for the injuries. They are going to approach 2019 with the win now approach. I full expect us to sign a veteran QB to be out potential starter. Probably, a short deal since Alex's contract will limit what we can do. Jay is going to want to have a veteran QB, not wanting to go into 2019 with a dependable QB. I don't think we will know about Alex until 2020 and by then, we will probably move on from him. I don't think the Skins will draft a franchise QB in 2019 because there probably really won't be one. The Skins are going to try to win in 2019. I think the bottom will fall out and reality will settle in. The bottom falls out next year and we have double digit losses and at least a Top 5 pick. I seriously think, we could flirt with 13 or more losses. 2019 will finally be enough for Dan to make a change, especially when his stadium will be mostly empty.
  8. Rdskns2000

    The Race to Black Monday 2018: 12/31/18

    If Jay truely wants out, he can always resign. I don't see Jay getting fired because of the injury excuse. My preseason prediction was 7-9 and Jay getting fired but now I see Dan accepting the weasel excuse. The Titans won a playoff game last year and still fired their coach. Jay needs to finish with double digit losses to finally get fired and that can't happen this year. Knowing this team, we probably finish 8-8. If by chance the Skins do have an opening, it will be the last job filled. I forsee Dan either ending up with either a Jim Zorn type candidate or a washed up retread; desperate to get back into the NFL. We are the least attractive potential opening.
  9. Let Trump rot in prison for several years and die a slow but agonizing death. We want him to spend years suffering in prison. His cell mates will be Mexicans and he will be their ****.
  10. Rdskns2000

    Election 2020 Thread

    Republicans Who Could Run Against Trump
  11. Don't worry, double digit losses are coming in 2019 and Snyder won't be able to keep Bruce and Jay then. 2020 and a Top 5 draft pick and half of Alex's contract off the books; Dan will hire the next savior, only to have to fire them 4-5 years later. The never-ending cycle.
  12. Rdskns2000

    The Race to Black Monday 2018: 12/31/18

    The only way Jay is gone if Bruce Allen wants him gone; otherwise Bruce will sweet talk Dan into keeping Jay. Bruce will say, look at the 6-3 start. Then you lose your starting and backup QB. Your replacement third string QB sucked but you just won a game, with your 4th QB on the road. We know Dan isn't firing Bruce; who deserves to fired even more so than Jay.
  13. Rdskns2000

    Evaluating Jay Gruden in 2018

    Nothing. Anyone thinks Gruden will be any different are deluding themselves. Jay can be here 5 more years and you will get the exact same results. Jay just needs to be let go after the Philly game but we all know, Snyder will buy the injury excuse and no change will be made 2019, everything is crashing; so there will be no way Jay and Bruce will be able use the injury excuse again. Double digit losses are in store for 2019 and there's a strong chance we will be flirting with the franchise record for losses (13). I'd prefer to make the chance now, so the next coach can start the rebuild. All Jay and Bruce is going to do is patchwork; thinking the injuries robbed us.