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  1. Rdskns2000

    Evaluating Jay Gruden in 2018

    Actually, if Bruce is back; he's probably trade the pick for some washed up veteran.
  2. There's a Christmas episode of that dropping on Friday: 12/14. They are filming Season 2 now.
  3. Rdskns2000

    Election 2020 Thread

    2016 is over, can't change it. Just learn from it and do thing different in 2020. I am kind of disappointed no one major has announced yet. We just got a couple of minor names in the Dem race so far. If you are running in 2020; you need to be up and running by President's Day: 2/18/18. 2020 Primary Schedule The first caucus is tentatively Feb. 3, 2020. March 3 is Super Tuesday Part 1 and that now includes the biggie- California. So, if your a serious candidate for the Democratic nomination; you need be make the decision now and forming your campaign team. You are going to need lots of money and since some big states have earlier primaries/causcuses now; you need to go to more places than the past. Alot of those early primary states, have early voting in February. So, the Dems candidates need to start running. Obviously, some are just running to get their names out there. The real serious ones, need to get cracking. It's going to be brutual blood both. You already have the bright star in Beto. Betomania could sweep the country. With 20-30 candidates; it's going to be tought to break through. For many, the race will be over; long before the actual voting starts.
  4. Rdskns2000

    Evaluating Jay Gruden in 2018

    Regardless of who is the coach in 2019, the Skins will be flirting with the franchise record (13) for losses. It's going to be that bad next year. Then in 2020, we will be watching our 2020 Drafted Franchise QB, go through his growing pains. Another double digit loss season. 2021 we might start seeing the light day, definitely by 2022. I don't want Jay to have any part of that. I want a new coach to start the rebuilding in 2019 and then assist us in getting that franchise QB in 2020 and then grooming that player. Jay has earned his exit in 20 days.
  5. Rdskns2000

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    There is nothing Bruce can do. He has forever besmirched the Allen name. I still don't see who's going to be stupid enough to build Dan a new stadium. They are more likely to tell him to **** off and relocate to London than spend tax dollars on his losing franchise.
  6. Rdskns2000

    The Race to Black Monday 2018: 12/31/18

    Sometime in the next 2 years, the Skins will be one of the openings. Hopefully, it's this cycle but you never know. NFC East 1. Skins- Jay's seat is on fire but the injuries may buy him one more year. 2019 will see the Skins flirting with the franchise record for losses (13); regardless who the coach is. I'd rather get rid of Jay now and start rebuilding with a new coach in 2019 and let the new coach, draft us that franchise QB in 2020. Would a quick playoff exit doom Dallas's Jason Garrett? Probably not. His eat will be warm in 2019, if the Boys don't progress further than they do this year. The Eagles are set at coach for a while. Winning a Superbowl buys you time. Pat Shurmur will get time to develop Eli's successor; assuming they find one in 2019? NFC North 1. Packers - They will need someone to maximize the final years of Aaron Rodgers. Interesting who they will get. The Lions Matt Patricia should be safe for this year but second subpar year and his tenure could be over. Bellichek's coaching tree hasn't been to successful. The Vikings should make the playoffs this year, who else in NFC is going to get that 6th spot? Could Mike Zimmer be in trouble in 2019, if they underperform again? Especially, with all that money given to Kirk. The Bears are set. Nfc South 1. Buccaneers - Dirk Koetter is done. Panthers have a new owner, could Ron Rivera be in trouble? Panthers have slid out of playoff contention. The new owner may want his own coach. If he comes back, Ron's seat is warm in 2019. Dan Quinn should be safe with the Atlanta but another disappointing season in 2019 and he could be on the hot seat. Saints are set with Sean Payton, as long has he wants; especially if they win another Superbowl. NFC West Could the Cardinals Steve Wilks be one and done? Stay tuned. 49ers,Rams are set. Seahawks are set for now but when they get a new owner if the Allen estate sells, will Pete still be there after 2019? Afc West I don't know what Elway will do with Vance Joseph. The Broncos could still make the playoffs, stay tuned here. I think it depends on how the Broncos finish. They are 6-7 now. Raiders are set for 9 more years, LOL. Chiefs and Chargers are set also. AFC South Jags might very well fire Doug Marrone for the collapse this year. Stay Tuned. The Colts, Texans, Titans are set. AFc North 1. Browns - I don't see Greg Williams getting the permanent gig but he may have earned a shot elsewhere. The Bengals Marvin Lewis contract is actually up. I think Mike Brown will finally move on. Hue Jackson or Jay as the next Bengals coach?? Stayed tuned. The Ravens are still in the playoff hunt but should they fail, Harbaugh is definitely out. Even if they make it, he may still be out unless they have a deep run. Steelers are underperforming again. If they somehow miss the playoffs, will there be a rare coaching change in Pittsburgh? Stayed tuned. Afc East 1. Jets- Todd Bowles is done. Dolphins Adam Gase should be safe for another year. A disappointing 2019 though and he may not survive. We know the Pats are set. Bills. I think another disappointing season and Sean McDermott is in trouble in 2019. Right now, there's 2 openings: Green Bay and Cleveland and there will be openings in Tampa Bay and New York Jets. Washington, Arizona, Denver, Baltimore and Cincinnati could join that group. Alot can happen in 3 weeks. ==================================================================================================================================================== NFL Coaching Hot Seat: Vance Joseph, Dirk Koetter Under Pressure After Week 14
  7. Rdskns2000

    2018: Start of the Philadelphia Eagles Football Dynasty

    Nick Foles to the rescue again? That would suck, if that were to happen.
  8. Rdskns2000

    The Race to Black Monday 2018: 12/31/18

    I will be curious to see what happens to Gregg Williams. I don't think the Browns should keep him on as their permanent coach but he may have earned a shot at another coaching job somewhere. You know, the Browns could actually win AFC North if they win their final 3 games and the Steelers lose their final 3 games and the Ravens lose 2 of their final 3 games. That would be something, 0-16 to a playoff birth.
  9. What about when using your phone? It seems to work fine, when accessing from my phone.
  10. Rdskns2000

    I’m Happy the Redskins Lost

    Well, still 3 more games left. You may get your wish.
  11. Rdskns2000

    I’m Happy the Redskins Lost

    I didn't care. I did something else today, only checked the score a couple of times. What's bad about this year isn't the fact we went from 6-3 to probably 6-10. It's the fact, we are in such a bad shape; this team is going to stink for 2 maybe 3 more years. We actually, could go through 2 coaching changes before there's any glimmer of hope. First, what is Dan going to do with Bruce. If Bruce isn't fired, then we are already handicapped. Jay should just be put out of his misery tomorrow. Buy him a plane ticket to his brother. We are at the bottom in terms of job attractiveness. We are definitely competing with New York Jets, Cleveland Browns, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Green Bay Packers for coaching jobs. There could also be openings with the Baltimore Ravens, Denver Broncos, Cincinnati Bengals, Jacksonville Jaguars, Arizona Cardinals and Carolina Panthers. Carolina has a new owner, so maybe they change coaches. I don't think a single one of those jobs is better than ours. Who is Dan going to be able to get, given the fact we are handicapped at QB for 1 to 2 years? It's probably better to clean house completely, will we stink the next 2-3 years. I am also convinced that Dan won't fire both of them. The injury excuse will save one of their jobs.
  12. Rdskns2000

    Evaluating Jay Gruden in 2018

    Gregg has won 3 games with the Browns since he became interim coach.
  13. Rdskns2000

    The Bruce Allen/GM Thread

    Well, Reggie did draft Khalil Mack. My post though was since he was about to leave the Raiders, we can send Bruce back to Gruden.
  14. Rdskns2000

    Evaluating Jay Gruden in 2018

    Excuses is what Jay will use to stave off being fired. Bruce may get fired. It could be the other way; Dan keeps Bruce. I don't see Dan firing both.