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  1. Rdskns2000

    Is this the worst Redskins team in the last 20 years?

    Of course Dan wants to win. Win in his wallet that is. I think as a kid, he wore that so called buckle and he probably got picked on. He probably said, I'll show you; I will own the Redskins one day. 1999 he realized that dream. All Dan cares about if pulling the wool over the fans eyes. He will do just enough, to keep his money train going. Fan revolt in 2003. While he does interview coaches, he pulls the ultimate surprise and hires St. Joe. Crisis averted. 2009- Jim Zorn is a disaster. Vinnie failed. He hires Shanny and hires Bruce. What will Danny boy do in 2020 to keep his money train going?
  2. Rdskns2000

    Extending Season to 18 games

    18 games isn't happening. I am all for 17 games, because the NFL insists on having international regular season games. To make that happen, the NFL will have to make a major concessions. I think changing Goodell's role in player discipline will be one concession. Some major change to free agency also. Maybe getting rid of the franchise or transition tag. Maybe making players eligible for free agency after 3 years. You'd have 2 preseason games. To replace the 2 games cut, you will get the 17th game and you will have a 2nd bye week. That 2nd bye week gives 19 weeks of football. Also, playoffs probably expanded to 14 teams with the team getting home field, the only team with a bye. They could also say, players only have to play 16 games but I don't see that working because the NFL wouldn't want expanded rosters. I think you'd have to do that. Well, whatever happens isn't happening for a couple of years.
  3. Maybe for Iowa Joni Ernst? Is she being primaried? Don't know about NH,SC & NV. I think if he does it, it's more towards damaging Warren and Sanders. I don't think it will have much impact for Senate races.
  4. Rdskns2000

    The Impeachment Thread

    That will never happen. Those 3 Republicans that did that to allow a secret ballot; would probably be killed. Even with a secret ballot, those entire GOP Senate caucus would face the wrath of Trump and his cult. Trump would order every GOP senator running for reelection in 2020 to be primaried.
  5. You’re running against the GOP and Trump. 2020 will be most dirty election ever.
  6. Cocaine Mitch is going to schedule the trial for 6 to 8 weeks, 6 days a week. Starting in January and maybe going into February. Those Senators running for president will not be able to really campaign during the run up to the voting. That could be damaging to Warren and Sanders.
  7. Rdskns2000

    The Impeachment Thread

    Does it matter, they are all dumb.
  8. Rdskns2000

    The Impeachment Thread

    Of course it won’t. Trump and the Gop are already colluding with Russia to ensure victory in 2020.
  9. Rdskns2000

    The Impeachment Thread

    So impeachment hearings begin. I won't be watching. I'll read if there's anything interesting but since the conclusion is already forgone: Trump is impeached and Senate doesn't convict; I won't pay that much attention to it. I stand by position that impeachment just gets the partisans on both sides ginned up. Base Dems will be mad that Trump isn't removed and Base Gopers will be mad their god went thru this.
  10. Rdskns2000

    What would you do IF YOU bought the team???

    I'd fire everyone. Hire a GM and let GM hire the coach. I'd tell the GM to get rid of all the players. They are all tainted to me. I basically want to start over, as basically expansion team. Whatever is feasible within the salary cap; trade as many players as we can. Then cut as many as we can.
  11. Rdskns2000

    Trump and his cabinet/buffoonery- Get your bunkers ready!

    It won't matter. The Dems will definitely win in 2024 if Trump wins reelection. After 8 years of him, the country won't be wanting 4 more GOP years. Let all the GOP politicos live in their fantasy, that they will be the 2024 nominee. If Don wins reelection; Donald will dictate his GOP successor and odds are strong it's Don Jr or Ivanka.
  12. Rdskns2000

    Redskins vs Jets Prediction Thread: The Bowel Bowl pt. 1

    Skins 0 Jets 0 We have to top that 0-3 loss to the Jets from the 90's.