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  1. Since the Lions got blown out; will it be Black Friday for the GM and Matt Patricia tomorrow?
  2. If Steelers are still undefeated; they will want to play. The other playoff teams would get an extra bye.
  3. If the nfl can’t play the Ravens-Steelers game on Sunday; looks like we will have the first game for a week 18.
  4. Winning puts us one step to the division and we don’t want that. We loose the Top 5/10 draft position and we lose a chance at the 3rd and 4th QB available in next years draft. Only reason to prefer a loss.
  5. Happy Thanksgiving 🍽 to everyone. Enjoy the day.
  6. Trump is going to have to pardon his entire administration from Day 1; if he doesn't want them all in jail.
  7. Politico: It Wasn't Ideology That Sank House Democrats. It Was Bad Strategy.
  8. Winning really doesn't help us. I expect a close game but Dallas pulls out a win in the end.
  9. Jim Hanifan, longtime NFL coach, dies at the age of 87
  10. NFL playoff picture: Who's likely in and out, and what happens to teams like Ravens and Browns in the middle
  11. Won’t matter. 3 of those have been certified. Nothing Trump does will overturn the election.
  12. Matt Patricia may get fired; if Lions lose tomorrow.
  13. Nfl just moved Ravens-Steelers game from tomorrow to Sunday.
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