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  1. shakinaiken

    Game Day Thread - Redskins at Schiltz Magic

    This is reprehensible bad. How the **** are we 5-3? Has to be the worst 5-3 team in history
  2. It's done. But some life would be nice into next week
  3. Same season with the video highlighting Greg Blache walking naked out of the shower. That might have been the “hip-hip-hooray” video
  4. It is fascinating that we were 6-2 in Zorn’s first year, in 2008. How was that possible? Defense was good, but Greg Bland was so vanilla in his defensive play calling
  5. Yep. In the Carolina game, we ran inside gut runs, with some jet sweep window dressing. AP gashed them for big gains. Shot out of a cannon
  6. Conn, assuage me: anything to be optimistic about for our offense in the second half?
  7. OK, this offense is reprehensible. How can it be this bad. Defense? Check. A legitimate team is up 14-3 right now, going into the half. So frustrating
  8. We always only rush four. Manusky is averse to blitzing. Love our young D line, but let’s get aggressive occasionally
  9. I’ll take any human body not named “pot roast” over Kerrigan. Dude is extraordinarily limited athletically. Good pass rusher though
  10. Why the **** is Ryan Kerrigan in coverage so much this drive?
  11. Again, offense cannot overcome penalties. 1st and 20 shouldn’t be so insurmountable.
  12. Still can’t believe AP was just sitting around in August unsigned.
  13. Has Trent ever played a fully healthy season? Not sarcasm. I feel like he’s always “gutting it out” on Sunday’s
  14. Offense can’t overcome one penalty. Same as last week. One penalty, drive over
  15. Awful start. Ranger's are supposed to be sluggish and slow playing back to back nights. Guess not There we go. Nice strike by Carl