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  1. shakinaiken

    Next Day Thoughts: Redskins vs. Cardinals

    beautiful. Stuck in Iceland( beautiful country, for the record). Limited access to football
  2. shakinaiken

    Official 2018 Redskins Training Camp/Preseason Thread

    I have "The Room" starring Tommy Wiseau. "Oh Hai MartinC!"
  3. We still have three preseason games left. I'll be flinching with dread on every single play called. Diminishes any sort of joy of watching football. We're doomed.
  4. shakinaiken

    Gameday Thread: Redskins @ Patriots

    The RB battle is one of the more intriguing conflicts this off-season. It appears to be divided into two tiers- Chris Thompson and Derrius Guice( and their backups). I prefer Kelly as the backup to Guice. Can't explain why, just looks(subjective eye test) slightly more athletic, yet still retaining the power. I prefer Bibbs to Marshall, because he appears a bit more explosive than Byron. I think Gruden keeps 4 RB's, which seems slightly absurd in today's NFL offenses'
  5. shakinaiken

    Gameday Thread: Redskins @ Patriots

    Can we bring back Nate Sudfeld? Hogan looked incompetent. Like really bad. I'll take John Beck as well
  6. shakinaiken

    Xbox One Vs Ps4

    GTA V... pretty awesome golf minigame
  7. Me too. On a VRE train from manassas. Pretty smooth operation so far
  8. Well, the Caps 18-19 thread should be an interesting one. Lets Go... O's? OTA's? i don't know. Fun season
  9. shakinaiken

    All Things Star Wars Thread

    Absolutely. J.J Abrams and Rian Johnson are writer/directors- especially Johnson, who I believe has written every single project he's directed. Abrams is a bit more flexible, and generally collaborates with other writers. I believe he Lawrence Kasdan had writing credits for the Force Awakens. The biggest gripe super fans seem to have with Abrams( besides his overuse of "lens-flare") is "mystery box" penchant, where he likes to tease mysteries with no intention of paying them off in any satisfying manner. The Force Awakens certainly teased some mysteries- Rey's parentage, origin of Snoke/his identity- to which Rian Johnson promptly responded with a "**** those mysteries, I'm not interested" and resolved those plot points in unsatisfying ways. IMO, this is the biggest issue with the current trilogy- there doesn't appear to be one guiding, overarching narrative that exists alongside each movie. Each movie feels like a separate entity. I think the rumor that Johnson scrapped Abrams's treatment for ep 8 is certainly accurate, and the series has suffered for it. But i like Abrams, think he's incredibly talented, and I'm somewhat optimistic that he can deliver a good concluding entry to end this trilogy.
  10. shakinaiken

    All Things Star Wars Thread

    J.J Abrams is a massive Star Wars fan, and always has been. He admitted numerous times while making Star Trek that he was a never a big Trek fan growing up, but instead Star Wars fan. He also initially rejected the offer to direct episode 7 because of the pressure/expectations surrounding the final product. Also, I've never understood the disdain Abrams seems to attract. He's incredibly gifted filmmaker from the technical perspective, with a real eye for blocking scenes and moving the camera. There certainly were problems with Episode 7, but the manner in which the movie flowed from scene to scene, and the cinematography, are not included in that category. Hand him a competent script and Abrams will deliver. The main reason he accepted the Trek directing job, was because his writing partners presented him with an interesting take on the reboot, and urged Abrams to do it. I'm a huge fan of "Behind the Scenes" film documentaries, and Abrams stated many times he wasn't a massive Trek fan growing up, but instead, a huge Star Wars fan.
  11. 2 more to go. Lets do it
  12. two tripping penalties.... and a clutch goal!!! ill take the latter
  13. Doesn’t appear to be.
  14. VOR getting a bit thirsty, living vicariously through Renegade. eh, carry on...
  15. which is actually kind of formidable, no?