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  1. Thanks for posting Redskin21502. It sounds like a mirror image of the event we attended the night before, just with different keynotes for the Q&A. Between what Jay and Bruce said, and didn't say, you can definitely get a consensus about where the franchise stands on a number of different issues. One thing I will say, although I'll never be comfortable with Bruce Allen being more than the figurehead of the Front Office, I think that the entire organization is on the same track right now with very little dissent or discord among the remaining voices. The question is, are they headed in the right direction, because if not it won't matter how unified they are. We'll soon see.
  2. Thanks Jumbo, it's good to be back posting some rather than just observing. You were definitely way ahead of the curve on Jay, and I think you were right about his capabilities. There have definitely been some ups and downs, as there are bound to be with any first time head coach. However, if every F.O. member and every assistant were as adept at their job as Jay largely is, I think we'd be in great shape. Something I would clarify in regards to other comments: Jay's comments regarding communication and scheme deficiencies on the defensive side of the ball, were in response to a specific question about the schematic failings of the 2016 defense. He didn't mention names, but the implication was DC and DB coach were sources. He is ultimately responsible for both their hires, and for oversight of them. I think he owns that, and hopefully has learned from it. Lastly, in terms of the personnel issues on defense, I couldn't agree more. How much say Jay has in FA acquisition I have no idea, nor do I know if he feels that the moves they have made are more than lateral moves at best. He did sound pretty high on the DL additions, especially McClain, and said he loved the addition of Swearinger as an interchangeable safety who can play FS in single high. I fully believe they should have added another quality DT/ILB in FA, but it sounded like they were fully relying upon hitting some home runs in a deep defensive draft.
  3. Thanks for the replies. It was definitely a great outing, filled with encouraging signs that there is an intentional plan to continue in the path they started the past 2 years. There actually was some information on Cousins. First, Jay was overwhelming in the position that he wants Kirk here, not just next year, but for years to come... which isn't really news. What was news, to me at least, was that Jay said the Redskins have a new offer on the table to Kirk right now in terms of a LTD. I got the feeling he was talking about a new, latest offer that had taken place just recently. Maybe that is common knowledge, or maybe it's just part of the ongoing process, but it was news to me.
  4. Last night, I (along with a number of other season ticket holders) had a chance to attend a tour of Redskins Park, followed by a Q&A session where we were able to ask a multitude of questions to Coach Gruden. I wanted to share an overview of that discussion here, as Jay was extremely candid, and addressed many of the issues which we are currently debating here. I'll just bullet point the summary below, but I want to preface that by sharing how impressed I was by Coach Gruden's participation in the event. To the degree that discretion allowed, he was open, honest, accessible, and exuded a narrowly focused passion to build upon the foundation of the past two years, as well as a confidence in their approach/system to do so. Jay had already won me over prior to last night, despite my initial misgivings about his hiring. However, last night's exchange only made me feel even more comfortable with him at the helm. So, onto the points of interest which he discussed... • He plans to do 100% of the offensive play calling, while relying heavily upon Coach Cav (as well as Bill, Randy, Ike, Wes for the weekly game planning). • I asked him about the potential advantages of the size and skill sets of Pryor and Doctson to his offensive sets, given the departures of Desean and Pierre. He praised his departed players, but said he anticipated improved run blocking on the perimeter sans DJax, and a greater ability to prolong drives and convert in the red zone with the improved size on the outside. Also said he anticipated much more diverse use of Crowder, on the outside as well as the slot. He said it 'killed him' not to have Crowder on the field last year when in 2WR sets. • When asked what to expect for the remainder of free agency, he said mostly 'depth signings' unless something fell in their lap, and even mentioned adding a vet WR for depth (which already has happened today). Got the impression that they have no plans to add any impact DL/ILB unless something unforeseen happens. • My other question to him was how they anticipated improving Run D issues, and getting off the field on 3rd Downs, given that there hasn't been a quantifiable upgrade to the DL/LB corp this offseason. He agreed that both were major issues, going so far as to say that the very first thing they plan to address when the team hits the practice fields this spring is the 3rd down defense. He candidly said that there were major schematic defects in last year's coordination. He said that there were unacceptable lapses in communication, alluding to former DC and DB coach in particular (and Jay is not one to throw a coach under the bus lightly). He said this was bad to the point that they weren't even getting defensive signals in on time with great frequency. He thinks that Manusky will fix the schematic, execution and energy flaws, while playing a much more aggressive style in coverage and blitz packages. On the personnel side he indicated that some DL were low in giving consistent energy, and inconsistent in their assignments. He likes McClain's motor and penetration skills and think McGee will help bolster against the run, while giving some push from DE spot. Hopes to see promise from a return to health for Phil Taylor, and a step forward by AJ Francis. Over the moon high on Lanier's development and potential. Otherwise, noted it's a great draft for D help at DL and ILB early and among DBs throughout. • He was asked numerous questions about the draft which he obviously couldn't answer. The interesting aspects which he did address, in addition to the D focus were as follows... - Asked about taking an RB early: He loves Fat Rob and would only consider taking an early RB that is a big game changer. Doesn't expect Fournette to fall to their spot. - When asked about OL, said he liked their unit as much as any in the NFL, only saw a need for depth. - When asked about areas of need to be addressed early in the draft, he mentioned every unit except TE/OL. Thought it an interesting omission for those who love the idea of Howard or Lamp. • Lastly, as for the Front Office. Declined to speak poorly of anyone on either side of Scot's departure. Said that since he has been here, every draft and roster construction move has been a group collaboration. Implied that with very few exceptions there has been no such thing as a purely Scot pick/Jay pick/Campbell pick etc... extremely confident that the people who have built the current foundation are still in place to do just that. Just wanted to share this info with the forum, for whatever it's worth. I was very pleased with his areas of focus and with his approach. I miss Scot, but have hope with Jay at the coaching helm. My only concern, aside from my disagreement with ideas like we don't need FA help at DT/ILB - we do - is the increased frequency with which Coach alluded to the numerous roles and involvment of Bruce Allen in the personnel side. Otherwise a great message and a great time. If I recollect any more details, I'll post them later.
  5. I think his points should be self-evident. We had one of the worst DL/ILB combos in the NFL last year, measured by virtually every metric. These units, along with subpar d-coordination, yielded the bottom of the barrel statistical inability to either stop the run, to get off the field on 3rd down, or to limit scores in the redzone. Those 3 failures sabotaged what should have been a successful playoff season. So, how have we addressed it so far? Hiring a DC in house (I actually like the hire of Manusky, but when the same braintrust that brought you Joe Barry decide the best successor is already on staff, it bears questioning). We've lost/released our best returning DLs, and have brought in rotational guys to the unit, who have no sustained history of any kind of success or health. The ILB position has yet to be touched, or even mentioned. Those situations are too troubling to ignore, and if left as-is, will lead to another season of our DL/ILBs once again being unable to stop anything when they need to (no ability to stop the run against good teams, no pressure from the DL against even decent OLs). We're backing ourselves into having to reach for needs in a draft that doesn't have first round worthy talents at DT/NT. We need the help, but can't afford to bypass elite talent to try to hit on DL just because our cupboard is bare. The last time this happened when Bruce was running a draft, he bypassed great talents like Bitonio to move back and reach for Murphy, because he had backed himself into a corner with needing an OLB due to Orakpo'a franchise tag. morneblade, and many others are screaming bloody murder because we can't afford to start down this road again.
  6. There is no word for the idea of that as a starting unit, aside from terrifying. In addition to absolutely zero DL generated pass rush, that group could give up more YPC against the run than last year'a historically inept unit. There must be more in the works. Hopefully an unsuspected, significant FA addition, and maybe a stout against the run DT on day 2 of the draft (Tomlinson, J. Johnson)?
  7. Yea, I don't buy that this is the strategy. None of the current returning DL are even proven backups/rotational players. The incoming DL are at best rotational linemen, if they can even stay healthy and productive enough to be on the field. There's no way that the strategy is to have a position coach 'coach up' a group of career journeymen, and a group of unproven, low round prospects. That's a recipe for having the worst DL in the history of the franchise, and that's saying a lot. Even if you go heavy DL in the draft, which is only a good idea if they are BPA, that's no solution. There are precious few 1-2 round grades on any 3-4 DT/DE who could land at 17 and below. No way you can throw project draft prospects into the mix with this terrible group, and expect anything good. Especially with this group fronting our doormat ILB corps. So, there HAS to be a plan to add a major impact DT in Free Agency, which could instantly make this entire dire situation look better.
  8. And without the analytics, or a pro scouting department that has any history of unearthing undervalued NFL talent in free agency. If they don't sign a proven talent at DL/ILB, I have a zero percent expectation that this defense will be any better against the run. Lets hope they have something else up their sleeve.
  9. Welcome aboard. Big addition, and I hope we can extend him rather than let him go back to test the market next year. Kudos to the FO.
  10. Except when a team president announces that his new GM has full and final say over all roster and personnel matters, and then uses the power of the purse strings to undermine that autonomy. That is undermining your GM's autonomy, and undercuts your pledge to let him design his own roster.
  11. That is hard to even fathom, might as well turn the team into a reality show, but at least Mayock knows something about personnel and has good relationships around the league and amongst the scouting ranks. Still seems too absurd to consider. I doubt it, but if this is somehow true, then Mayock had better get it written in stone that Bruce Allen is either fired or allowed nowhere near anything personnel, staff, or even contract related. He will use whatever domain he has to snake his way into the decision making process. Next GM has FULL autonomy, or no deal, if they're wise.
  12. Snyder and Allen are going to have to go into bunker mentality at this point. They have flushed the good will that Scot's hiring, and the 2 winning seasons and hope of a rebuild, brought along with it. Now they are back to where they were, but with an increasingly irate fanbase, a team roster that is more loyal to their latest scapegoat Scot than they ever will be to Snyder/Allen, and a local and national media that see through their BS. Options are limited and the clock is ticking. There are no more fall guys for Bruce. Step 1: #FireBruceAllen
  13. Snyder and Allen have virtually never done the right thing, and even when they back into a right decision, certainly have never done it the right way. They hired Scot, and either interfered colossally as numerous reports indicate, or they allowed him to perpetually drink in irresponsible ways for 18 months without taking action until allowing it to come to a head at the most critical time of the most critical offseason in years. Only traumatized Redskins fans could rationalize either of those scenarios as 'doing the right thing.' The only thing the Snyder/Allen regime excels at are dysfunctional power struggles, nepotism, sycophantic behavior, and smearing their former 'saviors' on the way out the door.
  14. Agreed. That's not only the worst DL in the division by a wide margin, it's one of the worst looking DLs in the entire league. Backed by the worst ILBs in the division, and learning a new system, what could go wrong? WAY more needs to be done, first through FA, then by adding a couple of first 4 round DL in the draft.
  15. None of the Allen side of the story rings true. Unnamed sources saying Scot has had 'multiple drinking infractions' and that it was a 'nightmare for 18 months' etc... That's odd, as that 18 months was one of the first times in two decades that have consisted of consistent winning and a lack of PR drama. Seemed like anything but a nightmare. Scot is exiled less than a month ago, and the dysfunction returns instantly. Coincidence? I attend minicamp and training camp, and I've rarely seen a Skins team more cohesive, with players who love their GM. If your GM shows up drunk all the time at practice and games, you send them home and fire them the next time it happens. You don't ignore it for 18 months, somehow keep it secret, and then fire him right before the Combine/FA/Draft while lying about family matters. This F.O.'s version of events doesn't hold water, as usual.