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  1. Season Ticket Renewals

    They’ll have one less pair of season ticket holders. We’ve been Touchdown Club members for 11 seasons, and today is the day we decline our renewal and will be letting the client relations people know why. Dan Snyder and Bruce Allen’s perpetual dysfunction has people in our section (122) dropping out of our contracts left and right. They have no idea how to build a roster, and no capacity to take the hit necessary in the short term in order to allow for long term success. An entire F.O. built on hubris, saving face and CYA. When you see how quickly the Eagles, following strong personnel philosophy and process, went from worst to first, and this group is blindly throwing darts at the wall to max out at 7-9 wins... its no longer ok. They can keep this carousel to nowhere going, but they can do it without my money.
  2. In his first media presser following the firing of Scot, Bruce Allen said in effect, "It's not that complicated to sign Kirk to a LTD." Well, everything which has transpired since then, including the passing of this deadline indicates otherwise. This type of delusional vision of reality is what we can expect from any franchise led by the likes of Bruce Allen. It is a terrible shame that this franchise had its best combo of GM/HC/QB in two decades, at a time when a guy like Bruce Allen could sabotage it all. The GM is gone, the QB is unsigned, what next...?
  3. 2017 Comprehensive NFL Draft Thread

    What worries me, is that the last time that Keim was harping endlessly on the Redskins wanting an edge rushers as Orakpo insurance, we ended up with the terrible Trent Murphy selection. Now he's hearing the same thing again, and the same dubious crew of Bruce and Scott Campbell are back running the show. If these guys decide the severely flawed Harris is the best option they have at #17, their new reign will be off to a very unpromising start. I've never been even slightly impressed by Scott Campbell, but am willing to give him a clean slate after spending a few years under Scotty Mac... don't screw it up!!
  4. 2017 Comprehensive NFL Draft Thread

    I actually totally agree with you regarding few DL in the top 50, at least among those likely to fall to our picks... and I also really like Jackson by the way. However, where I think there is some talent to be had among DL in this draft, is in the 65-150 range, and it just so happens that we have 3 picks in the 3rd-4th that fall in that range. I'm hoping BPA and DL prospects intersect for the Redskins in those rounds. If not, then I whole heartedly agree with you that we should not reach for anything. I actually really like all 5 of your picks, and would be happy with that haul. I'd just be devastated on Sundays watching our front 3 get gashed for 5.0ypc, getting no push from our DL on passing downs, and having no young prospects developing on the DL aside from the longshots we currently have in house.
  5. 2017 Comprehensive NFL Draft Thread

    I love this draft from the standpoint of adding 3-4 high ceiling guys who could have some instant impact, and future starters. It also feels like a definitely BPA draft approach, which is what we need. However, what I immensely dislike is that apparently the sweet spot of round 2-4 DL apparently didn't present themselves as BPA anytime that you were on the clock. I hope it doesn't play out like that on actual draft day for the Redskins... I hope that somewhere between our 2nd, 3rd and two 4ths, that a Wormley, Brantley, Jaleel Johnson, Watkins, Tomlinson, Ogunjoibe etc... will be available and BPA. Add a couple of those guys to a Reddick, Baker, Elflein, and we'll be in business. Without knowing what your options were, it's nice drafting though on your part, and I'd otherwise love that haul.
  6. 2017 Comprehensive NFL Draft Thread

    I really like this combo too. Reddick and Wormley would give us a great boost in the front 7, and from two high motor, high character guys, with great athleticism. I fear though, that Reddick may be taken before our pick in the first, and Wormley before we pick in the second.
  7. 2017 Comprehensive NFL Draft Thread

    I agree, and this worries me a great deal, as well. The last time we heard this much about EDGE, EDGE, EDGE, Bruce Allen was also at the helm and after trading back, he pulled every muscle in his body reaching for Trent Murphy. This is a draft loaded with defensive talent, and some electric playmakers on offense, which is why BPA is so important for us early. There are precious few first round EDGE rushers, and none likely available at 17 without a big reach. I pray that either Bruce has learned to listen to whichever personnel directors are trumpeting BPA, or that Jay now has enough influence to push for a dynamic BPA offensive playmaker if they are sitting there at 17. The value area for the majority of the quality EDGE rushers this year looks to be 2nd round, so I hope we can wait out the urge to reach for a guy like Willis or Harris in the first. If they, or someone similar is there in the second, after you've grabbed BPA in the first, go for it. But don't force your first pick again!
  8. 2017 Comprehensive NFL Draft Thread

    I think his points should be self-evident. We had one of the worst DL/ILB combos in the NFL last year, measured by virtually every metric. These units, along with subpar d-coordination, yielded the bottom of the barrel statistical inability to either stop the run, to get off the field on 3rd down, or to limit scores in the redzone. Those 3 failures sabotaged what should have been a successful playoff season. So, how have we addressed it so far? Hiring a DC in house (I actually like the hire of Manusky, but when the same braintrust that brought you Joe Barry decide the best successor is already on staff, it bears questioning). We've lost/released our best returning DLs, and have brought in rotational guys to the unit, who have no sustained history of any kind of success or health. The ILB position has yet to be touched, or even mentioned. Those situations are too troubling to ignore, and if left as-is, will lead to another season of our DL/ILBs once again being unable to stop anything when they need to (no ability to stop the run against good teams, no pressure from the DL against even decent OLs). We're backing ourselves into having to reach for needs in a draft that doesn't have first round worthy talents at DT/NT. We need the help, but can't afford to bypass elite talent to try to hit on DL just because our cupboard is bare. The last time this happened when Bruce was running a draft, he bypassed great talents like Bitonio to move back and reach for Murphy, because he had backed himself into a corner with needing an OLB due to Orakpo'a franchise tag. morneblade, and many others are screaming bloody murder because we can't afford to start down this road again.
  9. Yea, I don't buy that this is the strategy. None of the current returning DL are even proven backups/rotational players. The incoming DL are at best rotational linemen, if they can even stay healthy and productive enough to be on the field. There's no way that the strategy is to have a position coach 'coach up' a group of career journeymen, and a group of unproven, low round prospects. That's a recipe for having the worst DL in the history of the franchise, and that's saying a lot. Even if you go heavy DL in the draft, which is only a good idea if they are BPA, that's no solution. There are precious few 1-2 round grades on any 3-4 DT/DE who could land at 17 and below. No way you can throw project draft prospects into the mix with this terrible group, and expect anything good. Especially with this group fronting our doormat ILB corps. So, there HAS to be a plan to add a major impact DT in Free Agency, which could instantly make this entire dire situation look better.
  10. And without the analytics, or a pro scouting department that has any history of unearthing undervalued NFL talent in free agency. If they don't sign a proven talent at DL/ILB, I have a zero percent expectation that this defense will be any better against the run. Lets hope they have something else up their sleeve.
  11. Welcome aboard. Big addition, and I hope we can extend him rather than let him go back to test the market next year. Kudos to the FO.
  12. Except when a team president announces that his new GM has full and final say over all roster and personnel matters, and then uses the power of the purse strings to undermine that autonomy. That is undermining your GM's autonomy, and undercuts your pledge to let him design his own roster.
  13. That is hard to even fathom, might as well turn the team into a reality show, but at least Mayock knows something about personnel and has good relationships around the league and amongst the scouting ranks. Still seems too absurd to consider. I doubt it, but if this is somehow true, then Mayock had better get it written in stone that Bruce Allen is either fired or allowed nowhere near anything personnel, staff, or even contract related. He will use whatever domain he has to snake his way into the decision making process. Next GM has FULL autonomy, or no deal, if they're wise.
  14. Snyder and Allen are going to have to go into bunker mentality at this point. They have flushed the good will that Scot's hiring, and the 2 winning seasons and hope of a rebuild, brought along with it. Now they are back to where they were, but with an increasingly irate fanbase, a team roster that is more loyal to their latest scapegoat Scot than they ever will be to Snyder/Allen, and a local and national media that see through their BS. Options are limited and the clock is ticking. There are no more fall guys for Bruce. Step 1: #FireBruceAllen
  15. Agreed. That's not only the worst DL in the division by a wide margin, it's one of the worst looking DLs in the entire league. Backed by the worst ILBs in the division, and learning a new system, what could go wrong? WAY more needs to be done, first through FA, then by adding a couple of first 4 round DL in the draft.