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have any of you guys been to NFLFILMSTV.com off of nfl.com...

Those clips they have of the skins are awesome. I just watched the Darrell Green Tribute and Lavar Arringtons clip.. Man the D.Green one was so awesome. It had commentary from Gibbs, and Turner it was the best...

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Thanks for the link man!

I finally got to see highlights of the highest scoring game in NFL history. We MURDERED the Giants 72-41. From what I saw in the highlights, the game was billed by Sam Huff as his revenge game against the Giants. The Giants made six turnovers. The Redskins capitalized on ALL those turnovers too.

One thing I caught was that our coach, Otto Graham pulled a Steve Spurrier. With a few seconds left in the game, he called Timeout so Gogolak(our kicker) could kick a field goad to make the score 72-41.



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