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OT- Indy 500 update - 1 Rookie of the Year out

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The Rookie of the Year for 1999 (Beechler) didn't qualify for this year's Indy 500.

9 Rookies made it and there are 6 former Indy 500 winners in this year's field.

Andretti has improved his time for qualification, so look out!

The first Afro-American in 9 years has qualified for the Indy 500 (Geore Mack - #510)

Yes, old Billy Boat hung in there to qualify as the 32nd driver, but it was a nailbiter till time expired and help from Mother Nature - It poured down rain (thus avoiding being a bump day casualty) :laugh:

This could be one of the more exciting 500's in years!

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