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Thanks for the tip. Today is my first day off in 32 days and man you just squared me away! It's like X-mas in May!!

I just watched SD take one in from 41 yards out.

MAN, I love that guy.

I know. I know. Some folks here are tired of hearing it but SHEESH! We draft Hutch and Gurode (sp) and keep running SD.....MAN I love that kind of ball!

Stephen Davis is THE MAN and any talk of trading him or whatever is blasphemy!

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I'm with Fish. It's a bummer, because is #48 was a more bombastic personality, he'd be a superstar in the NFL. But since he doesn't rub everyone's nose it the fact that he's the sh!t he gets taken for granted. I swear, if I read one more post that we should try to trade him I will :puke:


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