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We Just Saved a Lot of Money!


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By moving down 12 spots, we'll still get the guy we want (Ramsey or Simmons or Weaver) for about $2 Mil cheaper.

Plus we picked up 2 3rd rounders, which are salary cap bargains.

Figure that one of those 7th's (or perhaps two) may go towards the signing of Matthews.

Personally, I wouldn't object to trading out of the first round, and picking up another 2nd and another 3rd.

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I agree that we should have been able to press New England for a slight bit more in compensation for moving down 10 slots ... perhaps a 4th instead of the 7th. But the fact is, after we passed selection #16 ... there was a big drop off in terms of talent. And all of these guys left on the board are interchangable with 2nd & 3rd round picks.

I just want to maximize Day 1 picks. We are lucky, the positions we need to fill have good depth in this draft ... they aren't all that flashy .... Guard & Safety is a nice problem to have. And picking a #2 WR and a fat run stuffing DT (as opposed to an athletic star) is a nice problem to have.

I"m just glad the approach to cap managment is consistent with keeping out team together and not forcing ourselves into cap hell.

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That consideration has merit W&M, but I think the reason they are on their way to FEDEX field is to go ahead and announce Patrick Ramsey as their #1 pick.

The only further delay may come, if Ramsey is not taken by the Skins shot, and they know for sure that he's not going to be had by say the 2 or 3rd pick of the second round, then we could trade with whomever, to take him then, thus reducing the cost further.

Then we could make our next pick for a DT, then best player available, hopefully OG among the 2 picks in the 3rd. It's getting interesting, but I think Ramsey's going to be taken now and the celebration starts after round 2 starts.

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