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Trading up for Harrington? Nyet! But for a DT? Mais Oui!


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I have sort of ignored the innuendo that has been floating around the internet about the Skins possibly trading up for Harrington, but it seems to be picking up steam so I want to plunk my 2 cents down and buy an opinion.

Big mistake, the Bengals don't even want to draft Harrington, if they did they wouldn't be talking about trading down with every Tom Dick and Harry that looks their way. If Harrington is the goal, call their bluff, sit tight and laugh all the way to the bank as Harrington falls into the Skins lap at #18.

BUT, if the Skins are smart, they will make everyone think they are trying to trade up for Harrington, and then grab a DT like Henderson. That would be worth a trade up (depending on cost of course) and with all the teams drafting right after the Benglas licking their chops for a DT, making them think we want Harrington would stop them from trying to move up past the #10 to grab one.

If Harrington is the call however, the Skins should play a little poker and sit tight, if he is there at 10 I think he will be there at 18.

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