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Latest Fox mock draft from Brian DeLucia has us drafting Ramsey at #18!

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The latest Fox mock draft by Brian DeLucia has us drafting QB Patrick Ramsey at the #18 spot. I dont think so. At least I hope not. That would be a reach. :doh:

So I just telephoned Miss Cleo to get the latest scoop on the NFL draft ... :fortune: .... and she looked at her tarot cards and predicted the Skins would draft a Jamaican RB named Omar Easy. Then when I told her she must be sniffing glue again, she said get a life and hung up on me. :high:

Hmmm. Its Sunday, I wonder if I should go to church today? :pope: Nah....... I think I'll just sit here and polish off the rest of this swill. :pint:


Swill the breakfast of champions!

:pint: :pint: :pint:

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