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Drafting In Round Three


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If anyone has any doubts about the quality of players you might get after Round 2 in the draft, check out the ExtremeSkins Mock draft board currently in progress. Man, I wish we could re-coup that pick.


66. HOU - Tank Williams, S, Stanford

67. CAR - Marquise Walker, WR, Michigan

68. DET - Joseph Jefferson, CB, Western Kentucky

69. IND - Will Overstreet, DE, Tennessee

70. MIN - Ramon Walker, S, Pittsburgh

71. SD - Sheldon Brown, CB, South Carolina

72. DAL - Doug Jolley, TE, from BYU

73. HOU - Rocky Calmus, LB, Oklahoma

74. IND - Eric Heitman, OG, Stanford

75. BUF - Trev Faulk LB, LSU

76. JAC - Antwaan Randle El, Slash II, Indiana

77. TEN - Martin Bibla, OG, Miami

78. NYG - Rohan Davey, QB, LSU

79. CLE - J. Wells, RB, Ohio State

80. ATL - Victor Rogers, OT, Colorado

81. ARI - Dorsett Davis, DT, MIssissippi State

82. NO - Joaquin Gonzalez, OT, Miami

83. HOU - Najeh Davenport, RB, Miami

84. STL - Cliff Russell, WR, UTAH

I also wanted to try out the color feature. I'm warming to it.

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