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Okay last week on the first drive when we got inside the 5, more like down to the 2, we tried 2 running plays and couldnt get it in. We did end up scoring but this still worries me, it shouldnt be that hard. And it's not Portis's fault, he's not too small for that, no RB could have gotten those in, our line was dominated on those plays. Last year same thing happened.

Now I dont know if its as much of a problem with us, as it is with just the NFL. So far this year, and I noticed last year, that not many people are just punching it in anymore.

Am I the only person that is really a big fan of spreading the field inside the 5 yard line?? I think its great. Maybe a singleback thing with 4-wide. It forces them to spread out and then you can still run it, and while its still probably the same numbers, being like 5 linemen against 4 D Linemen or something, its just less bodies flying around everywhere, like what you get when you bring in the goal line set, bodies just flying around and getting in the RB's way. I think if you spread the field and then still run it, while its still about the same ratio of blockers vs. defenders, the offense gets an advantage b/c its easier for the RB to pick his way through. And the defense cant afford to stack against the run there still b/c we could just quickly dump it to an uncovered WR.

But what really works I think is when you spread the field inside the 5 and just pass it. You can set little pick routes (but keeping legal of course) and stuff like that. Last year I remember several times against teams that we spread the field with 4 or 5 wide inside the 5 and I remember it working just about everytime.

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Why not? And you can even spread the field with big TEs and maybe one WR.

Good point, man. I think sometimes people forget that the game has changed. The formations and plays that maybe once dominated no longer have cachet and don't even work.

Also, if the QB has to run, he's only a yard out himself(well scrimmage wise)

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