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fantasy question?


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i have a quick fantasy question .... i need to get better receivers and im thinking about proposing this trade to a guy ... let me know if you think he'll accept or whether or not its fair or what to do with it ....

I Get: Torry Holt, Terrell Owens, Deuce McAlister (injured for 4-5 weeks which could be crucial for him) and tampa bay or seattle defense

for ...

He gets: Ladainian Tomlinson, Javon Walker, Peerless Price, and Carolina defense

Since i held on to steve smith earlier, i got kind of screwed on him.

My receivers total got me a total of two points last week. i have:

chad johnson, peerless price, javon walker, and justin mccareins

my rb's wouldn't be bad after the deal actually: domanick davis and chris brown would start til deuce came back

thanks for your thoughts.

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