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I want to beat this team so bad now...


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Wow, I just learned the hard way that Pukes fans aren't nearly as warm as Skins fans. I go on for a little friendly competition and violla, they start saying I'm a troll. Now, if you could look at this and see where they come accross calling me a troll than I will apologize, but I really don't think this is considered trolling. Maybe the first post could be considered trolly but I don' rilly think so.

:wewantd: :dallasuck

Here it is...

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This game is huge. If Ramsey starts, this will make or break him. If he puts on a show, there is no looking back. Right now, we are the underdogs. If this team rises to the occassion, it will show a lot of these teams character

However, if things don't work out, I am not going to throw in the towel. The sooner this teams get going, the faster it will be for us to be dominant. It may not happen in week 3, but I sure hope it does.

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