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We abandoned the run


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I know, I know, we were playing catch up. But, our defense actually was playing pretty solid ball considering the early turnovers we committed. I thought Coach Gibbs abandoned the run way too early.

There was a sense of urgency in the play calling right when the 2nd half started that I didn't think was necessary. This was not an insurmountable lead. Here you have a QB whose confidence has been shaken coming off the bench in a hostile environment, 2 TDs down. I'm a Patrick Ramsey believer. I think he will be a great QB one day. But, let's put it in perspective. Ramsey has started a total of 16 games in his career. One season. And those 16 games were played in the most unfriendly QB environment one can imagine. I'd rather see us run the ball 3 times and punt, rather than throwing interceptions. If you there isn't any fear of a running game, then you've lost the battle and the war. We had a 2 to 1 pass/run ratio in the 2nd half. With Patrick's history, I believe this was a mistake. We were not putting him in the best position to help us win today.

Having said all that, we will see Coach Gibbs and the Redskins come out Monday night running the ball. And running the ball some more. We will run the ball down the Cowpukes throats. I was there for Gibbs Part 1. Coach Gibbs isn't going to play the blame game, even though there is plenty to go around. He also owns up to his own mistakes. We will see a focused and determined team Monday night against the Cowpukes. And a big win.

Hail to the Redskins!

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