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Two Skins/Bucs tickets available to a Skins fan

The Dark Horse

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If you read yesterday about my foot injury, my doctor has told me to write the game off. The foot is not to take an ounce of weight for a week.

So I'm offering up my tickets at face value to a Redskins fan. The seats are in section 425, Row 9, Seats 21 and 22. They sit on about the 25 yard line and there is no one seated in front of you, so the view is better than one would expect from upper deck seats.

I live in Hampton Roads (Ocean View), and since I am unable to drive, the buyer will have to come to my house and pick them up personally. The other option is for to arrange FedEx home pickup and delivery by Friday.

My email is beau.hunt@cox.net

First contact, first serve.


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