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Going to Vegas next week...is this a scam?


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Next week I'll be making my 3rd annual Labor Day trip to Vegas to kick off the college football betting season.

I also plan to enjoy the nightlife and put up with the $20 cover charges to all the clubs. I went on ebay and found a lot of club "passes" for sale. They are super cheap and if legit would be a great deal. Has anyone ever heard of this or tried this before? Any feedback would be appreciated.

This is an example of what is for sale:


Scam? Maybe they have a lot of restrictions? A good deal? All the feedback seems positive.


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Hitman, can I get into the pool at the Hard Rock if I'm not a guest there? I'm staying at the Luxor.

Jenna threw some sort of party at the club at the Hard Rock when I was there last year for Labor Day but it was Monday night and my flight home left Monday morning. :mad:

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