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Madden: Xbox or PS2?


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Yo Madden 2005 players, I'm gonna pick up a copy of Madden today, but I'm not sure which system to get it for (I've got both xbox and ps2).

I figure the graphics will be better on Madden, but I'm wondering mainly about two things: one, the difference the controllers make; and two, the difference in online play.

There may be some other factors I'm not thinking of, so please bring them up if you got any.

Please hook a Madden devotee up with some advice!

Thanks all!

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I have been die hard ps2 fan until this year when i got MVP on xbox, then i got an hdtv, and i know love xbox. live is much better online play then ps2 online, unlimited memory on the hard drive, faster loads, better graphics, custom soundtracks. I also bought a controller adapter so i can use my ps2 controller on the xbox, once u get used to what buttons do what (from an hour to a day depending on who u are) its like ur playin ps2 with more power. The adapter has no lag(mine doesnt) and its cheap. Like 5 bucks, but they can be hard to find, when i got mine it was the last one in NOVA

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