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Espn- Party like its your birthday or Lavars


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When does the weekend start on a Wednesday?

When you're Washington Redskins' linebacker LaVar Arrington and San Francisco 49ers' linebacker Julian Peterson, and it's your birthday, the party starts when you say it does.

In conjunction with PSP Sport Agency, the birthday ballers celebrated their 4th annual celebrity, five-day weekend extravaganza in style.

Happy Birthday Julian Peterson!Invited guests included New England Patriots' CB Ty Law, Oakland Raiders' CB Charles Woodson, Minnesota Vikings' LB E.J. Henderson, Detroit Lions' WR Charles Rogers, Philadelphia Eagles' WR Terrell Owens, Carolina Panthers' CB Chris Gamble, and Tampa Bay Buccaneers' RB Charlie Garner.

The first few days of fun and games took place at a few metro D.C. hot spots such as Ginger Cove and Strike Bowling Alley. Then, on Saturday, those who survived (and were still upright and functioning) headed over to shoot some hoops and raise funds and public awareness about AIDS/HIV at Big Tigger's 3rd Annual Celebrity Classic and All-Star Basketball game, held a George Washington University.

Next, party-goers flocked back to Arrington's southern Maryland lake house estate for a barbecue birthday bash. As guests arrived, adhering to the the all-white dress code, beautiful women in grass skirts handed out leis to welcome them. And Arrington's perfectly manicured lawn quickly began to resemble a luxury car dealership.

In the backyard, the cool temperatures didn't deter many from enjoying the lake with water sports and jet skiing (unless, you're running back Clinton Portis, who kept stalling his).

But those who preferred to remain land-locked were entertained with drinks, music, conversation, and ... well, diamonds.

On the back deck, Manhattan's "It" jeweler Gabriel Jacob's set up a booth displaying diamond-studded watches from Avianne & Co. for purchase. And while players such as Charles Woodson and Charlie Garner indulged, others like Philadelphia Eagles' RB Brian Westbrook only looked on and admired.

The after-party, held at D.C.'s luxurious waterfront night club H2O, was conspicuously located next door to Big Tigger's after-party at Zanzibar. "Chaotic" is the best way to describe the scene of wall-to-wall partiers. Both clubs filled to capacity, as ballers like Philadelphia Sixers' Allen Iverson, Washington Wizards' Larry Hughes, Baltimore Ravens' Travis Taylor, Buffalo Bills' Lawyer Malloy, Houston Texans' Jamie Sharper, and his brother Green Bay Packers' S Darren Sharper shut down the waterfront.

Hey, it's a tough job, but someone's got to do it.

Until the next big event ... Peace.

Mz. Banks


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Originally posted by 56 Plus 26= T.K.O

When you're Washington Redskins' linebacker LaVar Arrington and San Francisco 49ers' linebacker Julian Peterson, and it's your birthday, the party starts when you say it does.

Invited guests included Minnesota Vikings' LB E.J. Henderson


LaVar better hope that Henderson does not get arrested again.

I wonder what Gibbs thinks about this night of debauchery.

Just curious.

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I finally figured it out ... why players don't get rid of the Postons even though they are bone-head agents. They must hire a bunch of professionals for these parties and get incriminating evidence while players are passed out or not aware of their situation. Then when a player says that they want to be in camp on-time, these guys show them the photos and remind them that the team's camp may start in late July, but they will be showing up in August with the rest of the PSP players :)

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