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Is Warner a better mentor for Eli than.....


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Archie? if any of you'll have been priviledged to the ra ra going on in New York over Kurt Warner, then you know that New York believes they have the perfect mentor for Eli in Kurt Warner. I took a look at some tape on Kurt and I noticed a few things, maybe some of you will agree with me. He locks on to his primary reciever, he's terrible in the pocket (the guy got sacked 8 times once by the Eagles), he takes more than five steps, and doesn't get rid of the ball quickly. In a nut shell I'm not impressed. I know he won two MVP's but did he do that without a healthy Marshall Faulk? Since 1999, Kurt hasn't been the same man. I don't see him looking off the safety, or making them move the way he wants them too. Is Archie the best choose for the Giants? I think they should have hired Archie instead.

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