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have you noticed that we have

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That does not really surprise me. Parcells likes the same qualities in a player that Gibbs does for the most part. Hard workers who do what they are told without question. Every coach loves this kind of player. Traditionally though Gibbs has a different method of working with his players than Parcells. Gibbs is a little more of a people person than Parcells. He seems to be able to get along with virtually any kind of player as long as that player actually has a desire to win. Of course he prefers players that don't require much attention to keep the faith. Parcells on the other hand does tend to butt heads with players, and he seems to take any friction as a personal challenge to his authority. Parcells likes this type of player because they are easy to control. Gibbs likes this type of player because they require less coaching, allowing him to spend more time gameplanning etc.

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