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Memorial Day toast....................


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Many today will have festave events to attend, with no real feeling for the day. It's just a day off from work for so many people theese days.

About a week ago, I got news of the death of an old friend I had lost touch with. Louie (Uncle lou) Bolden.

I had taken a new job and first thing in the morning on my first day, the shop foreman brings up Monday night football while were all hanging out havin a cup of coffee. Starts flappin his gums about the Lions of all teams. Me being me, I nicely told him that they would be lucky to hit 500 that season. Well, he says, who do you root for being your some sort of expert……….Which I replied……..the Redskins, and we’ve owned your azz for a long time now. The old dude sittin at the table dam near fell out of his chair, chocking on his coffee, laughin his arse off. He came over to me, shakes my hand, and said he was gonna love havin another Skins fan at the shop. We hit it right off.

Lou was from Philly, born in 33 and he grew up as a Redskins fan. But being a Skins fan is only secondary today. Lou was a Marine, under Puller in Korea. He did his part in the December battle at the Chosin Resevior, and other engaugments his unit was part of. He was one tough old salt, and never had an easy life. To the end, he never regretted his 9 years in the Corps, or fighting for his country.

Lou was a testamate to the American spirit, more then willing to give his life for the people of the country he loved so much.

So this fine morning, I ask if you could take a quick moment to remember why we have today to sit on our duffs, and enjoy all the freedoms of this country, and raise a glass in honor of people like Louie who have preserved it for us and others time and again.

God bless our vets, and active service people.

Here's to ya

:cheers: :cheers:

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Thank God for our Servicemen and Women. While we are enjoying our day today. Please take a moment to remember our Men and Women of the service. I am so thankful for these people that lay there life on the line, so I can live in freedom!!!

:notworthy :notworthy :notworthy :notworthy :notworthy

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I'm reminded of it all the time. My wife is in the navy and was gone for nine very long months during the war last year. She is my hero and I couldn't be more proud of her. So, here is to the men and women who put there lifes on the line everyday. Now, if I can get her to watch foot ball and get her to be a die hard fan like myself then I would do back flips:laugh:

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