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A Call For Help, Please Read


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My name is Josh Jones, I live in Missoula, MT. I have been a avid reader and seldom poster of this site for a little over one year now. I've seen enough and read enough to see that the posters here are educated and caring individuals, that is why I write this post now. I work for a company here in Missoula, called Neptune Aviation, for those of you who do not know or have never heard of us, and I am assuming that is a lot of the readers, we are an Air Tanker Operation, we fight fire with airplanes, any large fire that has been in the news over the last 12 years probably had one of our tankers on it. I am writing this message because I just came from a meeting that layed off about 85% of our company, the reason we were layed off is that the

Director of the USFS, Dale Bosworth, has grounded our entire fleet due to the misshaps and carelessness of another air tanker operation, Hawkins and Powers. So my call for help is simply for educated and caring people such as yourself to take the time to look at our company, www.neptuneaviation.com , and educate yourself on our business, also maybe take the time to read how you can help by contacting you govt. officials, via email, to help us overturn the bias and uneducated decision made by the USFS officials. There is plenty of information on the site, and there is a small but important company on the line here. Missoula is a community of about 70,000 people and we are one of the largest companies in the state, the effects of this decision are going to reach communtiy wide. I thank you for your time in reading this and hope that maybe you will take the time to educate yourself and help us make a difference in the decision,

thanks again,

Josh Jones

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