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Does anyone know where I can find a video of Taylors highlights? Over the weekend I could just open up ESPN draftcast and watch his vicious hits over and over.....but now thats gone....:(

Help me out, I am goin though Taylor highlight withdrawl.

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Here's a clip from this page(if you scroll to the bottom of the page) in slow motion when Taylor runs half the field to get an INT before stepping out. It was the 1st highlight they showed when he got drafted. It looks better when its not in slow motion but it's the only thing I've seen on the internet.

EDIT: Ok nm about that. The person who runs the site took it down cuz I tried it and yeah it doesnt work. Sorry.

On that note your Redskins made a great choice between K2 and Taylor. Taylor is just amazing. I've seen him throughout his college career and he seemingly can take a game over. Just ask the Seminoles. I just hope when the Ravens and Skins play, Boller throws the ball on the otherside of the field of where Taylor is. I'd be afraid everytime he threw it in the vicinity, Taylor will pick it off. He's that good.

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