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What the heck are the Cards and Raiders gonna do?


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I have a hunch that the Cards and the Raiders are going to put some monkey wrenches in peoples draft plans. Not to mention the Giants/Chargers. I know Green loves Fitzgerald, but they haven't talked about Roethlisberger or KWII at all....hmmm. Same thing with the Raiders, if their trade downs don't pan out, I think they will take Gallery or Roethlisberger.

San Diego/NY - Manning

Oakland - Gallery(the hairdo fits in)

Arizona - KWII

San Diego/NY - Fitzgerald

Skins - Taylor

My point is that it seems a bit too "sure" what will generally happen. It often doesn't end up that way. Follow through the chaos that ensues most likely if KWII or Taylor is gone by #4. Redskins will get one of their guys, but Detroit is all of a sudden scrambling. Would they really want Roy Williams after Charlie Rogers? And teams like Cleveland that might be expecting Roethlisberger to fall to them, might be scrambling.

It only takes one true monkey wrench for chaos to ensue. Fortunately, the Skins can live with one monkey wrench, just not two!

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Oakland doesn't need a LT. They need a WR badly.

San Diego will either take a QB or Gallery. Bank on that.

Arizona.. who knows. Apparently they are high on Fitzgerald, but I don't see why they need a WR when they have more pressing needs.... like the whole team. They got a few WRs last year and I can't see them picking another this high. But, who knows.

Giants... Taylor could fit here. Or Gallery if he falls this far.

That leaves us with Winslow or Taylor if he falls this far, or trading down for a defensive lineman.

We'll see in about 12 hours.

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San Diego needs a lot but a QB or LT would be a cornerstone-type start. If they trade down with the Giants, it would be for Gallery. If Gallery is gone, they would probably move down again and take Rivers although he could still be the pick at #4.

Oakland will take Manning if San Diego doesn't. They could take Gallery but I'm really inclined to think they'll try to get a playmaker. It wouldn't surprise me to see them take Fitzgerald at #2 or trade down with a team like Cleveland or Jacksonville and take Winslow, if he's still on the board or Roy Williams.

The Cards will stay put and take one of three players, Fitzgerald, Winslow or Taylor. Denny Green has kept his cards close to the vest but I think it's obvious he'll take one of the three.

The Giants want Manning and will try to get him. If things don't work out, it will most likely be Gallery or Roethlisberger but don't count out Sean Taylor or a trade down where they would still get a QB and allow someone like Cleveland or Houston to jump in front of the Skins to grab Taylor.

The absolute worst case scenario for the Skins would be to have Gallery, Winslow and Taylor go in the top 4. That leaves Fitzgerald at #5. Only one or two teams in the Top 12, mainly Jacksonville, would be willing to trade up to get him. That would leave us with Harris, Udeze or Wilfork unless we try to move down further.

Those are my most realistic Top 5 possibilities. The odds are in our favor that we get Taylor or Winslow but it sure ain't a given. The nice thing is that even our worst case scenario probably wouldn't be too bad.

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