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HOAX ARTICLE: Micheal Vick Comes Out


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Gay Community Welcomes Professional Football Player Michael Vick

April 22, 2004

He's here, he's queer, and his name is Michael Vick.

Shocking sports fans around the globe, NFL representatives for Michael Vick issued a public statement today confirming rumors that began circulating earlier this week about his sexual preferences and homosexual lifestyle.

In an interview with UJ reporters, Michael Vick spoke candidly and said, "I've been a gay man hiding behind lies about my sexuality for years, and it feels good to finally have this out in the open. I love playing professional football and rough physical contact on the field, however, I enjoy male contact off the field as well. I know that some of my fans will not understand my lifestyle and there may be some adjustments around the lockerroom with my teammates, but I'm confidant that they will accept me for who I am and continue will to respect me as an athlete."

Favio Creskin, president of gay organization -CHUG (Celebrating Homosexuality by Uniting Gays) applauded the courage of Michael Vick by saying, "This is a giant step for gays everywhere, as this announcement dispells beliefs that most gays are feminine and flamboyant. Michael Vick is a muscular, masculine, temple of testosterone that any gay man would be proud to bow before


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