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Question: Is Gibbs going to hold a mini-camp BEFORE March 3rd?

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I read that Gibbs was planning on having one early mini-camp, because he said you can evaluate players in a 3 day mini-camp better than by watching them on film. But how early?

Is he going to have a mini-camp to evaluate his players BEFORE free agency begins on March 3rd? Or after March 3rd?

The sooner he evaluates the players the better, because obviously this will determine whether he thinks we need to trade for Corey Dillon or who else to acquire in free agency.

Does anyone know anything more specific? :rolleyes:

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Originally posted by Sanders 83

You can't possibly believe we are going to trade for Dillon.

Hey thats what the WP and other newspapers are hinting. Even Chris Mortensen said it was a done deal. And he is right more often than he is wrong. :laugh: I would say its 50-50 we acquire Dillon at this point, until I read where Joe Gibbs says otherwise. :)

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