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After watching SB XXVI, and clearing the tears of enjoyment from my face........


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That game was an example of what a Good D-line can door for you!

The skins have the back ups, but need a Stud DE, and 2 starting DTs for sure!

We need a starting HB and a real hitting Saftey. Every year we think we have a saftey, but it is all window dressing! Lets get the real deal this year.

We need to run the 3 WR offense or the 2 TE, 2 WR offense. Either way we need to get 3 TEs that block and see if we can catch a passc athing TE in FA.

I compared Lavar as possibly the modern day Wilbur Marshal. With the right coordinator, he could be a monster LB, as Wilbur was!

I miss the GLORY YEARS, but hope they return soon!

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